House of Shame - List of the Evil 268 who voted to begin impeachment proceedings against Clinton

The following is a list of politicians who voted to destroy our country by beginning impeachment proceedings against Clinton against the wishes of the American People. These 268 evil criminals are also alligned with the right wing religious zealots who kidnapped my daughter Shamema. Shemema is presently being held prisoner inside Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Rep. Robert Aderholt 	Republican 	AL
Rep. Bill Archer 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Richard Armey 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Spencer Bachus 	Republican 	AL
Rep. Richard Baker 	Republican 	LA
Rep. Cass Ballenger 	Republican 	NC
Rep. Bob Barr 	Republican 	GA
Rep. Bill Barrett 	Republican 	NE
Rep. Roscoe Bartlett 	Republican 	MD
Rep. Joe Barton 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Charles Bass 	Republican 	NH
Rep. Herbert Bateman 	Republican 	VA
Rep. Doug Bereuter 	Republican 	NE
Rep. Brian Bilbray 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Michael Bilirakis 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Thomas Bliley 	Republican 	VA
Rep. Roy Blunt 	Republican 	MO
Rep. Sherwood Boehlert 	Republican 	NY
Rep. John Boehner 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Henry Bonilla 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Mary Bono 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Leonard Boswell 	Democrat 	IA
Rep. Kevin Brady 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Ed Bryant 	Republican 	TN
Rep. Jim Bunning 	Republican 	KY
Rep. Richard Burr 	Republican 	NC
Rep. Dan Burton 	Republican 	IN
Rep. Steve Buyer 	Republican 	IN
Rep. Sonny Callahan 	Republican 	AL
Rep. Ken Calvert 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Dave Camp 	Republican 	MI
Rep. Tom Campbell 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Charles Canady 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Christopher Cannon 	Republican 	UT
Rep. Michael Castle 	Republican 	DE
Rep. Steve Chabot 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Saxby Chambliss 	Republican 	GA
Rep. Helen Chenoweth 	Republican 	ID
Rep. Jon Christensen 	Republican 	NE
Rep. Howard Coble 	Republican 	NC
Rep. Tom Coburn 	Republican 	OK
Rep. Michael Collins 	Republican 	GA
Rep. Larry Combest 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Gary Condit 	Democrat 	CA
Rep. Merrill Cook 	Republican 	UT
Rep. John Cooksey 	Republican 	LA
Rep. Christopher Cox 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Robert Cramer 	Democrat 	AL
Rep. Philip Crane 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Michael Crapo 	Republican 	ID
Rep. Barbara Cubin 	Republican 	WY
Rep. Randy Cunningham 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Pat Danner 	Democrat 	MO
Rep. Thomas Davis 	Republican 	VA
Rep. Nathan Deal 	Republican 	GA
Rep. Tom DeLay 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Jay Dickey 	Republican 	AR
Rep. John Doolittle 	Republican 	CA
Rep. David Dreier 	Republican 	CA
Rep. John Duncan 	Republican 	TN
Rep. Jennifer Dunn 	Republican 	WA
Rep. Vernon Ehlers 	Republican 	MI
Rep. Robert Ehrlich 	Republican 	MD
Rep. Jo Ann Emerson 	Republican 	MO
Rep. Philip English 	Republican 	PA
Rep. John Ensign 	Republican 	NV
Rep. Bob Etheridge 	Democrat 	NC
Rep. Lane Evans 	Democrat 	IL
Rep. Terry Everett 	Republican 	AL
Rep. Thomas Ewing 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Harris Fawell 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Mark Foley 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Michael Forbes 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Vito Fossella 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Tillie Fowler 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Jon Fox 	Republican 	PA
Rep. Bob Franks 	Republican 	NJ
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen 	Republican 	NJ
Rep. Elton Gallegly 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Greg Ganske 	Republican 	IA
Rep. George Gekas 	Republican 	PA
Rep. James Gibbons 	Republican 	NV
Rep. Wayne Gilchrest 	Republican 	MD
Rep. Paul Gillmor 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Benjamin Gilman 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Newt Gingrich 	Republican 	GA
Rep. Virgil Goode 	Democrat 	VA
Rep. Bob Goodlatte 	Republican 	VA
Rep. William Goodling 	Republican 	PA
Rep. Porter Goss 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Lindsey Graham 	Republican 	SC
Rep. Kay Granger 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Jim Greenwood 	Republican 	PA
Rep. Gil Gutknecht 	Republican 	MN
Rep. Ralph Hall 	Democrat 	TX
Rep. Lee Hamilton 	Democrat 	IN
Rep. James Hansen 	Republican 	UT
Rep. J. Dennis Hastert 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Doc Hastings 	Republican 	WA
Rep. J.D. Hayworth 	Republican 	AZ
Rep. Joel Hefley 	Republican 	CO
Rep. Wally Herger 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Rick Hill 	Republican 	MT
Rep. Van Hilleary 	Republican 	TN
Rep. David Hobson 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Peter Hoekstra 	Republican 	MI
Rep. Steve Horn 	Republican 	CA
Rep. John Hostettler 	Republican 	IN
Rep. Amo Houghton 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Kenny Hulshof 	Republican 	MO
Rep. Duncan Hunter 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Asa Hutchinson 	Republican 	AR
Rep. Henry Hyde 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Bob Inglis 	Republican 	SC
Rep. Ernest Istook 	Republican 	OK
Rep. William Jenkins 	Republican 	TN
Rep. Chris John 	Democrat 	LA
Rep. Nancy Johnson 	Republican 	CT
Rep. Sam Johnson 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Walter Jones 	Republican 	NC
Rep. John Kasich 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Sue Kelly 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Jay Kim 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Ronald Kind 	Democrat 	WI
Rep. Peter King 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Jack Kingston 	Republican 	GA
Rep. Scott Klug 	Republican 	WI
Rep. Joseph Knollenberg 	Republican 	MI
Rep. Jim Kolbe 	Republican 	AZ
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 	Democrat 	OH
Rep. Ray LaHood 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Nicholas Lampson 	Democrat 	TX
Rep. Steve Largent 	Republican 	OK
Rep. Tom Latham 	Republican 	IA
Rep. Steven LaTourette 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Rick Lazio 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Jim Leach 	Republican 	IA
Rep. Jerry Lewis 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Ron Lewis 	Republican 	KY
Rep. John Linder 	Republican 	GA
Rep. William Lipinski 	Democrat 	IL
Rep. Bob Livingston 	Republican 	LA
Rep. Frank LoBiondo 	Republican 	NJ
Rep. Frank Lucas 	Republican 	OK
Rep. James Maloney 	Democrat 	CT
Rep. Donald Manzullo 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy 	Democrat 	NY
Rep. Bill McCollum 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Jim McCrery 	Republican 	LA
Rep. Joseph McDade 	Republican 	PA
Rep. Paul McHale 	Democrat 	PA
Rep. John McHugh 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Scott McInnis 	Republican 	CO
Rep. David McIntosh 	Republican 	IN
Rep. Mike McIntyre 	Democrat 	NC
Rep. Howard McKeon 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Jack Metcalf 	Republican 	WA
Rep. John Mica 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Dan Miller 	Republican 	FL
Rep. David Minge 	Democrat 	MN
Rep. James Moran 	Democrat 	VA
Rep. Jerry Moran 	Republican 	KS
Rep. Constance Morella 	Republican 	MD
Rep. Sue Myrick 	Republican 	NC
Rep. George Nethercutt 	Republican 	WA
Rep. Mark Neumann 	Republican 	WI
Rep. Bob Ney 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Anne Northup 	Republican 	KY
Rep. Charles Norwood 	Republican 	GA
Rep. Jim Nussle 	Republican 	IA
Rep. Michael Oxley 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Ron Packard 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Michael Pappas 	Republican 	NJ
Rep. Mike Parker 	Republican 	MS
Rep. Ron Paul 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Bill Paxon 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Edward Pease 	Republican 	IN
Rep. Collin Peterson 	Democrat 	MN
Rep. John Peterson 	Republican 	PA
Rep. Owen Pickett 	Democrat 	VA
Rep. Thomas Petri 	Republican 	WI
Rep. Charles Pickering 	Republican 	MS
Rep. Owen Pickett 	Democrat 	VA
Rep. Joseph Pitts 	Republican 	PA
Rep. Richard Pombo 	Republican 	CA
Rep. John Edward Porter 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Rob Portman 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Deborah Pryce 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Jack Quinn 	Republican 	NY
Rep. George Radanovich 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Jim Ramstad 	Republican 	MN
Rep. Bill Redmond 	Republican 	NM
Rep. Ralph Regula 	Republican 	OH
Rep. Frank Riggs 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Bob Riley 	Republican 	AL
Rep. James Rogan 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Harold Rogers 	Republican 	KY
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Tim Roemer 	Democrat 	IN
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Marge Roukema 	Republican 	NJ
Rep. Edward Royce 	Republican 	CA
Rep. Jim Ryun 	Republican 	KS
Rep. Matt Salmon 	Republican 	AZ
Rep. Mark Sanford 	Republican 	SC
Rep. Jim Saxton 	Republican 	NJ
Rep. Joe Scarborough 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Dan Schaefer 	Republican 	CO
Rep. Bob Schaffer 	Republican 	CO
Rep. James Sensenbrenner 	Republican 	WI
Rep. Pete Sessions 	Republican 	TX
Rep. John Shadegg 	Republican 	AZ
Rep. Clay Shaw 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Christopher Shays 	Republican 	CT
Rep. John Shimkus 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Bud Shuster 	Republican 	PA
Rep. Norman Sisisky 	Democrat 	VA
Rep. Joe Skeen 	Republican 	NM
Rep. Ike Skelton 	Democrat 	MO
Rep. Nick Smith 	Republican 	MI
Rep. Christopher Smith 	Republican 	NJ
Rep. Robert Smith 	Republican 	OR
Rep. Lamar Smith 	Republican 	TX
Rep. Linda Smith 	Republican 	WA
Rep. Vincent Snowbarger 	Republican 	KS
Rep. John Spratt 	Democrat 	SC
Rep. Gerald Solomon 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Mark Souder 	Republican 	IN
Rep. Floyd Spence 	Republican 	SC
Rep. Cliff Stearns 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Charles Stenholm 	Democrat 	TX
Rep. Bob Stump 	Republican 	AZ
Rep. John Sununu 	Republican 	NH
Rep. James Talent 	Republican 	MO
Rep. Ellen Tauscher 	Democrat 	CA
Rep. W.J. Tauzin 	Republican 	LA
Rep. Charles Taylor 	Republican 	NC
Rep. Gene Taylor 	Democrat 	MS
Rep. William Thomas 	Republican 	CA
Rep. William Thornberry 	Republican 	TX
Rep. John Thune 	Republican 	SD
Rep. Todd Tiahrt 	Republican 	KS
Rep. Jim Turner 	Democrat 	TX
Rep. Fred Upton 	Republican 	MI
Rep. James Walsh 	Republican 	NY
Rep. Zach Wamp 	Republican 	TN
Rep. Wes Watkins 	Republican 	OK
Rep. J.C. Watts 	Republican 	OK
Rep. David Weldon 	Republican 	FL
Rep. Curt Weldon 	Republican 	PA
Rep. Jerry Weller 	Republican 	IL
Rep. Robert Weygand 	Democrat 	RI
Rep. Rick White 	Republican 	WA
Rep. Edward Whitfield 	Republican 	KY
Rep. Roger Wicker 	Republican 	MS
Rep. Heather Wilson 	Republican 	NM
Rep. Frank Wolf 	Republican 	VA
Rep. Don Young 	Republican 	AK
Rep. C.W. Young 	Republican 	FL

Shamema Honzagool is Being Held Prisoner by Jerry Falwell and other allies of the Evil 268.

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