Memorandum Sent by Steve Doyle, USA Representative, To FIDE 2/24/00

I have reviewed the Presidents proposal and I think this is far too important a topic to approve at this meeting.

In general, I like some of the ideas in the memorandum. However, if pressed to vote on the package I would vote no. Some of the ideas are too radical and couldn't be enforced under any legal basis.
Steve Doyle, who celebrated 25 years of holding this event

This is far too important to just be passed by the Presidential Board. It Must be reviewed by the member nations of FIDE. We must discuss in detail in May and then have a discussion at Turkey in the General Assembly.

FIDE must be careful not to give its rights away to a third party vendor without adequate compensation.

I cannot attend the meeting this weekend. Up until today an outside chance existed that I could make it--but a death in my immediate family occurred this morning and I must attend to family matters.

Best Regards, E. Steven Doyle

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