Poll: Should the Constitution be Amended so that Clinton can run for President Again?

Prior to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, America had a tradition started by George Washington that the president would be elected to a maximum of two terms. However, because Roosevelt was a popular president in the middle of a great war, this tradition was abolished and Roosevelt was elected to four terms.
Should the Constitution be Amended?
Should the Constitution be Amended so that Clinton can run for President Again?

Neither. Ken Starr should be President.

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Roosevelt showed poor judgment during his last months in office, especially by giving Eastern Europe and certain Japanese islands to Stalin during the notorious Yalta conference. Roosevelt died, some believed that he had killed himself, only two months after Yalta.

This led to a constitutional amendment passed by Truman, Roosevelt's successor, that no president can be elected more than twice. For this reason, under the 22nd Amendment, President Clinton must leave the White House when his current term expires in January, 2001.

However, with the Ken Starr inquiry, American is facing a national crisis. With the possible exception of Reagan, Clinton is the first president since Roosevelt to receive overwhelming national support. Moreover, there are no alternatives on the horizon. Almost nobody in America wants a big spending social liberal like Al Gore to be president. Absolutely nobody outside of the right wing religious zealots wants a Newt Gingrich style Republican in office.

Furthermore, few qualified persons would be willing to run for president in the present environment, knowing that he would be almost certain to face a Ken Starr-type inquiry after election.

There is an alternative: Americans can amend the constitution again by allowing a president to run for a third term. This would mean that Clinton could be elected to another four years, or possibly even more. What do you think?

Should the Constitution of the United States be Amended so that President Clinton can run for a third term of office?

1. Yes.

2. No

3. Neither, Ken Starr should be the President!

Photo from the Yalta Conference of February 11, 1945: Winston S. Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stalin. Americans did not know that Roosevelt was sleeping with his mistress and had been in a wheel chair for 20 years.

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