Did George Bush Approve the Kidnapping of Sam Sloan's Daughter?

The Daily Telegraph of London has just published an article about Bobby Fischer. The article is online at


The article makes an interesting claim which has never been published before. It says:

"The match broke sanctions imposed by the United Nations and in a controversial move he was indicted in the United States. President George Bush, the father of the current president, gave his personal approval for the legal action."

It is well known that Bobby Fischer was criminally indicted for playing a chess match against Boris Spassky in Yugoslavia in 1992. It is also well known that the alleged basis for this indictment was that, by playing this match, Fischer had violated an Executive Order of President George Bush. What is new in the Daily Telegragh article is that George Bush did more than just issue an executive order which applied generally. Rather, George Bush personally ordered that Bobby Fischer be criminally indicted.

The match against Spassky was not a clear violation of the executive order. The executive order prohibited "commercial contacts" with Yugoslavia. By any reasonable definition, a game of chess is not commercial contact.

Furthermore, the United States Chess Federation purchased and imported $245,000 worth of chess books from Yugoslavia during same the time period that this match was being played. That clearly was a commercial contact. Yet, the USCF was not criminally indicted.

All of this happened not long after my daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan, who was eight years old, was kidnapped by non-relatives who were members of the Jerry Falwell Group of Lynchburg Virginia. My daughter was kidnapped from the front yard of my house in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates on October 7, 1990, and was brought to Madison Heights Virginia, which is next to Lynchburg, arriving on October 9, 1990. This was immediately reported to the FBI. Yet, they refused even to investigate this kidnapping, much less prosecute it.

I was told by Ray Fitzgerald, an Assistant US Attorney in Roanoke, Virginia, that he had been ordered by his higher-ups in Washington not to bother with this case. I was never able to find out who those higher-ups were.

The statement by the London Daily Telegraph that President George Personally ordered that the criminal indictment be brought against Bobby Fischer may shed some light on this. It is clear that under established case law, there was no legal basis for an indictment against Fischer. In the first place, there was no evidence. Of course, there were TV broadcasts showing Bobby Fischer sitting at a chess board playing chess with Boris Spassky. The moves of the games were even published. However, it is difficult to see much less prove in a court of law that this was a knowing violation of George Bush's order.

Mote than that, the grand jury indictment charged Bobby Fischer with violations of 50 USC 1701, 1702, and 1705 (The International Emergency Economic Powers Act ). This act allows the president to issue orders dealing with "extraordinary threats to the national security" and "transactions in foreign exchange". There is no evidence that Bobby Fischer playing a chess match with Boris Spassky was in any way a threat to national security. Also, although Fischer was no doubt paid in Yugoslav currency, there is no evidence that he exchanged it. Moreover, foreign exchange was not prohibited by the Executive Order of President George Bush.

Thus, it is clear that the criminal indictment of Bobby Fischer was without legal basis and was merely harassment of the chess genius.

Returning to the case of my own daughter, it is clear that for four years from 1986 to 1990, members of the Falwell Organization were actively trying to kidnap my daughter. They spent substantial amounts of time, money and resources in repeatedly failed attempts to kidnap my daughter, before they finally succeeded. Falwell was a big supporter of President George Bush. There are many photographs showing Falwell and Bush together.

Ever since the day my daughter was kidnapped, I have been demanding the arrest and criminal prosecution of the kidnappers of my daughter. It is not that the kidnappers are unknown. Everybody knows who they are. The number one kidnapper was Charles Roberts.

Roberts was careful not to leave the Commonwealth of Virginia. He made a point of never crossing the state line. He paid to have the kidnapers bring my daughter seven thousand miles from Fujairah, United Arab Emirates to Washington National Airport, which is in Arlington, Virginia. He went to the airport heavily armed, collected my daughter from the kidnappers, and drove her 180 miles to his home in Madison Heights, Virginia. Roberts was not a relative of my daughter and had no legal relationship with the child. He was clearly guilty of kidnapping.

The mother of my daughter had no connection whatever with this kidnapping. The mother was in her native Pakistan, where she was and still is under the control of an organization affiliated with the Taliban. A spokesman for that organization, Ijaz Mansour, a nuclear physicist who knows the mother of my daughter, regularly appears on CNN news nowadays.

All this happened while George Bush was president. We know from the Fischer case that Bush was not concerned with the legality of his own actions. The criminal indictment of Bobby Fischer was clearly illegal. Similarly, in the case of my daughter, Bush needed the support of Jerry Falwell to be elected president. Jerry Falwell heads the most politically powerful religious organization in the United States. Bush was clearly indebted to Falwell for getting him elected. Falwell desperately wanted for my daughter to be kidnapped. This leads to the very likely conclusion that President George Bush personally approved the kidnapping of my daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan.

Sam Sloan

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