Surinder Singh: Who will rid me of this Beast?

UPDATE: Surinder Singh is in jail! I succeeded in having Surinder Singh arrested at 10:00 AM this morning, Thursday, January 13, 2000.
The outcome of the efforts of Dorchen Leidholdt and her organization, “Sanctuary for Families, Inc.Eto separate me from my children is that a drunken Indian has been able to come in and fill the void created by my absence.

Dorchen Leidholdt, who has the distinction of having been named "Asshole of the Month" by Larry Flint and Hustler Magazine, hid my children in the Bigbird Shelter in Jamaica, Queens. While in that shelter, they met Surinder Singh, an alcoholic Indian. Surinder Singh goes by the nickname of “KalaE
An unwelcome guest, Surinder Singh, also known as Kala, sits in the living room of Dayawathie Rankoth, on her couch. Surinder Singh has many cut marks on his face, because of bring slashed in knife fights while in India.

Surinder Singh is drunk almost all the time. He constantly smells of liquor on his breath. He has no job, for the obvious reason that nobody wants to hire a drunkard.

He has cuts, marks and scars across his face. According to Dayawathie, this is because back in India he was caught having sex with another man’s wife. They cut his face to disfigure him.

He constantly yells and screams. A neighbor lady claims that he constantly tries to catch and molest her 11-year-old daughter. She says that he waits in the elevator to grab the children when they arrive home from school.

According to Dayawathie, Surinder Singh murdered two people in India (actually a seven-month pregnant woman and her unborn child) and the relatives of that woman have shot Surinder Singh three different times, twice in the leg and once in the chest, but have not succeeded in killing him. The mother of Surinder Singh has told him not to come back to India.
Surinder Singh, also known as Kala, being embraced by his uncle

A few weeks ago, the neighbors called the police who came to arrest Surinder Singh, also known as Kala. However, Kala sits by the window of the apartment where my children are living. When the police come, it happens that they park their car where it can be seen out that third floor window. Kala then leaves the apartment. When the police leave, he comes back. That way he has always been able to evade arrest.

On this occasion, he went out, came back after the police had left, and then went out again.

An hour later, a lady came, knocked on the door and said that something terrible had happened. We went down and found Kala unconscious on the ground. Paramedics were trying to revive him. There were also police there, but the police did not realize that he was the same person whom they had come to arrest a few hours earlier. An ambulance came and took Kala to the Western Queens Community Hospital where he was hospitalized for three days (at state expense.)

After his release, he came back to the house where my children are living. He sometimes goes elsewhere, to see his uncle who lives in New Jersey, but he always comes back, because neither his uncle nor any of his relatives want him either. After all, who wants a drunk Indian?
Geeta (holding baby bottle) and Anusha playing in the project

Anusha, Geeta, Dayawathie and Michael in East River Park in Long Island City, Queens. George took the picture.

Although when the incident occurred where Surinder Singh had fallen down on the sidewalk, everyone thought that he has been beaten up, and indeed many of the neighbors in the project say that they want to kill him, it appears that in truth he was not beaten. He simply fell down drunk and hit his head.

Surinder Singh came to America illegally in 1989. He says that he bought somebody else’s passport, changed the photograph, and then got on a flight from Poland to America. Upon arrival at Kennedy Airport, he claimed political asylum and was held five months in jail in the INS Detention Center, before being released.

His claim for political asylum is obviously bogus, as he has little education and obviously a low IQ. He is probably wanted for murder in India and for that reason does not want to go there.
INS Card of Surinder Singh, also known as Kala

His INS Card provides the following information:
Form I-688B Jan 89
Valid From: 11/09/93 Expires 11/08/94 DOB 04/13/66
Provision of Law: 274A.12(O)(13)
Terms and Conditions: None
Issued: 10/29/93

He claims that all of his more recent documents were stolen when he was robbed at gun point a few weeks ago. He was drunk at that time as well. I suspect that in reality his political asylum claim has been denied and he is deportable.

I have complained to the INS at 26 Federal Plaza. Officer McMurdy took my complaint, but there has obviously been no follow up.

The INS hotline at 800-898-7180 gives his name as Gandhi Surinder Singh and provides a message that on 8-25-1995 the Immigration Judge at 26 Federal Plaza, 10th floor, Room 1000, ordered him excluded.

Surinder Singh: is 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. He sometimes works at the Classic Gas Station, 187-48 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, Queens, NY 11432, (718) 465-8701. This gas station is apparently owned by his uncle, Pritam Singh.

Although Dayawathie has called the police on him more than a dozen times, he refuses to leave her house and he has many duplicate keys. Dayawathie is afraid to start a court case against him, because that would anger Dorchen Leidholdt, who works in the courts.

So my question is: Who can rid me of this Beast?

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