Congratulations, Paula Jones!

President Clinton has agreed to pay Paula Jones $850,000 in settlement of her claims. This is a fine payoff for a young woman who acquired a reputation for giving blowjobs in parking lots.

What now seems likely is that then Governor Clinton, hearing of the reputation of Ms. Jones for giving free blow jobs to strangers, summoned her to his hotel room and asked her to give him one too!

Paula Jones - Clinton knew her reputation for giving free blowjobs and decided that he wanted one too!

Ms. Jones established her own reputation in this regard by calling as a witness, Michael King, who testified on December 29, 1997 that he met Ms. Jones at a bar just a few months before the alleged May 8, 1991 incident involving Clinton, that Ms. Jones willingly engaged in sexual conduct with him in his car in the bar parking lot the evening they met, and that at a subsequent encounter at the same bar a few weeks later, Ms. Jones initiated oral sex with him.

It is not clear why Ms. Jones called Michael King as a witness, except to note that lawyers often call witness whom they expect to give unfavorable testimony, so as to pre-empt the other side.

Paula's fine efforts in establishing her reputation as a giver of blowjobs has paid off and rewarded her handsomely.

We hope that more young ladies will follow in the footsteps of Paula Jones, which would make this world a happier and nicer place to live.

Sam Sloan

Here are excerpts from the 17 page legal brief filed in the Jones v. Clinton lawsuit which detail the testimony given by Michael King regarding the oral sex provided to him by Paula Jones:

The entire brief, in Adobe Acrobat format, may be downloaded from the Washington Post website, at the following address:

or viewed directly at:

with background information at

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: Clinton’s Lawyer gets the last laugh: Paula Jones settlement check tied up - Attorneys argue over proceeds to Clinton’s $850,000 check.

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