Illustrated Catalog of Chinese Coins, Vol. 2

by Eduard Kann

Illustrated Catalog of Chinese Coins, Vol. 2

Illustrated Catalog of
Chinese Coins, Vol. 2
by Eduard Kann


Publisher: Ishi Press
ISBN: 0923891196
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
236 pages

Illustrated Catalog of Chinese Coins, Vol. 2

Eduard Kann (1880-1962) was more than just a coin collector. He was an official of the Chinese Government, who ran the Chinese monetary system for decades. Kann managed to get out of China just before Mao took over in 1949. He then lived in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. This catalog is a classic work essentially of his own coin collection, including coins he collected while working as a banker and as an official of the Chinese Government in Shanghai. Some of these coins are extremely rare and a few may not even exist any more, because the Chinese Government ordered all coins to be surrendered to the government to be melted down and made into bullion. Thus, any Chinese person who held on to these coins, did so in secret. Kann, as a non-Chinese, was one of the few that was allowed to keep his coins. When, after his death, his coin collection was sold in several auctions, they fetched millions of dollars. The New York Times for May 23, 1971, page D37, reports: Among the items listed to go on the block are 1200 lots from the finest collection of Chinese coins - the collection of Eduard Kann, a banker who lived in China for 47 years. During his long numismatic career, Mr. Kann compiled the Catalog of Chinese Coins which was published in 1954. This high quality reprint of the original 1953 book is based on one of the few copies of the original work still known to exist.

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