Vote for Anne Durney, Libertarian for Big Horn County Commissioner

While browsing the lists of candidates running for election nationwide, I came across the name of an old friend of mine, Anne Durney, who is running for Big Horn County Commissioner in Wyoming.

Anne Durney is taking a principled stand regarding the wolves and grizzly bears with which she shares her lands. Anne is opposed to the federal encroachment onto the territory in her county. Anne has a website at .
Anne Brown Durney
Anne Brown Durney

Anne Durney has a story to tell, a story that I have often thought about telling, but just never got around to telling it. Now is the time to get around to it, because the election is tomorrow.

What her website never mentions is that Anne Durney is the daughter of one of the richest and most powerful men in America. Her father, Ralph Manning Brown Jr., was Chairman of the Board of the corporation that controls Princeton University and was on the board of directors of many Fortune 500 Companies. See "Who's Running America? 1983" . Anne Durney is listed in "Who's Who in America" under the entry for her father.

What, you ask, is Anne Durney doing out in the badlands of Wyoming? Is she planning "Durney's Last Stand" in BigHorn County?

I happen to know the answer to that question, an answer which Anne will not tell you herself. Anne Durney was the victim of one of the most evil and nefarious men in America, Judge Lawrence Janow of Amherst County, Virginia, near Lynchburg.

After her father died in October, 1985 (SSN # 136-07-1535), Anne looked around America for the ideal place to live. Anne was attracted to Amherst County, Virginia. Anne strongly holds to Christian beliefs and values, at least as she understands them, and the Lynchburg area is headquarters of Jerry Falwell and the extreme religious right. Amherst County is a place where men can freely carry guns and most of them do so. To Anne, this was the ideal place to live and so she came, along with her burgeoning family.

Anne's website says that she has "six wonderful children". What Anne does not mention is that she has seven children.

After arriving in Amherst County, Anne settled in Madison Heights, Virginia, across the river from Lynchburg, in a district known locally as "Hog Town". Some might be concerned about living near a city called Lynchburg in a place called Hog Town, but Anne Durney was not concerned at all about this.

I first learned of Anne Durney when in 1993 she wrote a Letter to the Editor which was published in the Lynchburg News and Advance, which defended me, Sam Sloan. This was a remarkable and amazing letter, because I am Public Enemy Number One in Lynchburg, Virginia. The Lynchburg newspapers and TV and radio stations will never say a word about me. Even the public access cable TV channel in Lynchburg will not allow anything about Sam Sloan to appear, and I have tried to get onto that channel many times. I once even paid $400 to have a show about my case broadcast on that channel, but they sent the money back with a note stating that nothing about me could appear on that channel. So, how was Anne Durney, a person whom I did not know and whose name I had never heard, able to get a letter about me published in the Lynchburg News and Advance?

I knew that there had to be more to this story and I was determined to find out.

It turned out that Anne Durney was living in Hog Town in Madison Heights, which was exactly the place where my kidnapped daughter Shamema Honzagool was being held prisoner by right wing religious fanatics. Anne Durney personally knew the people who had kidnapped my daughter and lived only about one mile away from them. Some of Anne Durney's children had attended religious classes where my daughter was being held. Therefore, Anne Durney knew about me, although I did not know about her.

Did I mention that Anne Durney says that she has six wonderful children, but actually she has seven children? Her eldest, Kerry Durney, born in March, 1978, was the daughter of Kevin B. Hartnett, a man Anne had met while he was a student at Princeton University. Their relationship did not last long and in 1981 Anne married Richard Durney, an ordained minister. Richard Durney is the father of Anne's other six children. He adopted Kerry.

Apparently, Kerry did not get along well with her adoptive step-father. By November, 1990, Kerry was living in Indiana, away from the family.

My daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan, was kidnapped from the front yard of my house in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, on October 7, 1990 and brought to Amherst County Virginia, the bailiwick of Judge Lawrence Janow, who is one of the most evil and nefarious men in America. At this point in time, Judge Lawrence Janow was on a binge of kidnapping little girls, all from wealthy families, all from outside of Virginia. Among the children kidnapped at the behest of Judge Lawrence Janow were three daughters of Claudia Wilson, of Redwood City, California, who were the grandchildren of a prominent district attorney in Bolivia, plus my daughter, plus Kerry Durney, the daughter of Anne Durney. All of these kidnappings took place in October or November, 1990. Judge Janow also tried to have the daughter of Gloria Vosberg kidnapped, but that mother knew about Judge Janow and kept her child carefully hidden.

These kidnappings all had several things in common. All were little girls, ranging in ages from 5 to 8. All were from prominent and wealthy families and all were not living in Virginia. All were brought to Amherst County, Virginia from other states and, once there, the parents were never able through legal means to get their children back or even to see them again or know whether they were dead or alive.

Several of these little girls tried to escape from the clutches of Judge Lawrence Janow. Sarah Wilson, the daughter of Claudia Wilson, escaped six times. Five times she was caught and brought back. On the sixth try, Sarah made good her escape and made it to Brooklyn, New York, where she holed up until she had passed her 18th birthday and was of legal age. However, the other two kidnapped daughters of Claudia Wilson, Becky and Bethany, have never been recovered to this day. It is not even known whether they are dead or alive, although they should be 18 and 17 years old now.

Kerry Durney escaped five times. However, she did not know where she was and had no sense of direction. On one escape attempt, Kerry made it 130 miles all the way to Warrington, Virginia, just thirty miles from Washington DC. She was trying to get to the safety of the home of her millionaire grandmother, who lived in two mansions in Bay Head, New Jersey. However, Kerry was not a native to Virginia, was only 15 years old and did not know North from South, so instead of making it across the border to the safety of Washington, DC, she turned around and headed south, where she was soon delivered into the hands of the police and brought back to Judge Janow.

At that time, Kerry was being held by a family called the Rutherfords, who lived in a remote part of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. How Kerry came to be in Virginia was that Judge Janow had ordered her to be brought from Indiana to Virginia to appear as a witness to a court case. The family with whom Kerry was living in Indiana voluntarily agreed to bring Kerry, assuming and believing that she would be brought in just to testify and then would be returned to Indiana. They bought round trip tickets for themselves and Kerry and made flight reservations for a flight to arrive in Lynchburg early in the morning and then to depart back to Indiana the same evening, after she finished testifying.

What they did know was what an evil man Judge Janow was. After her testimony was finished, Judge Janow detained Kerry and ordered her placed in foster care with the Rutherfords, who were childless and were looking for a child to adopt. This was, of course, completely illegal, one of the many similar criminal acts committed by Judge Janow. Kerry Durney had absolutely no desire or intention of being adopted by these people. For this reason, she escaped five times.

What I cannot understand is why would even a childless couple desperate for a child to adopt want a child that did not want them. After seeing Kerry Durney escape from them four times, why did they have her arrested and brought back a fifth time?

Kerry finally found a way out. How did Kerry Durney finally make her escape? On the day she turned 16, she got married. This is why I remember that she was born in March 1978. Once married, Judge Janow, a Family Court Judge, no longer had jurisdiction over her. He could not force her to go back to the Rutherfords.

There was only one problem with this. The man she married was a homeless, worthless bum known locally as Smitty. He had no job and did not seem to be looking for one either. He was sleeping in the living room of a friend's trailer. This was where he proposed to be living with his new wife.

This was where I, Sam Sloan, came back into the picture. In the meantime, Anne Durney had gone to court innumerable times to try to get her daughter back. There is the old saying, "You can't fight City Hall". Anne Durney is not from Lynchburg and she did not know what every native to Lynchburg knows, which is that in the Lynchburg Area it is not even a question of fighting city hall. There will be no fight at all. They will crush you the same way that they will step on a cockroach.

Anne Durney filed cases in federal court against Judge Lawrence Janow. She did not even know that Judge James Turk, the federal judge in Lynchburg, is another criminal who is in on the fix. There is simply no way to fight the system in Lynchburg. After all, why did it come to be called Lynchburg?

Anne Durney's website says that she has been living in Big Horn County, Wyoming for eight years. Have you noticed that eight years puts it back to 1994, the exact year that she was fighting her court cases against Judge Lawrence Janow, who, I may have mentioned, is one of the most evil and nefarious men in America?

Anne Durney really believed that her Christian values would be upheld and that justice would be done in the end. I told her to forget it. I told her that her claims would never even be heard in any court and to get out of town while it was still possible to leave.

I think that to this day Anne Durney still does not know how close she came to losing everything. She simply did not know who she was dealing with. She clearly had become an irritant to the local authorities. She did not know that Lynchburg is controlled by criminals. She was trying to help someone such as me, a person despised by all the good, respectable white people of Lynchburg, and she was trying to help others who had had their children kidnapped, including Claudia Wilson. Anne Durney had formed a Lynchburg Chapter of a national organization called VOCAL, which means "Victims of Child Abuse Laws".

The danger she was facing, which I believe to this day she still does not fully comprehend, was that in Virginia and in other states, once a family has had one child taken away by the authorities, the authorities can take all the children, with virtually no protection for the rights of either the parents or the children involved. Thus, once Judge Lawrence Janow ordered the eldest child, Kerry, held in foster care, without legal authority, that meant that all six of the other children of Anne Durney could be taken away too and, once taken, there would be almost no chance that she would ever get them back or even see them again. Judge Janow knew that Anne and Kerry had inherited millions of dollars. Of course, he and the Rutherfords were interested in getting that money.

At this point, I, Sam Sloan, did a stupid thing. I was about to drive my car from Lynchburg to San Francisco California and, since Anne had done so much to try to help me, I offered to take Kerry with me to California. Kerry had been married only a few weeks to Smitty. Smitty had gone to the church on Main Street Madison Heights that I was attending and I had heard him complain in the church that his 16-year-old wife, Kerry, was not giving him enough sex. I had heard her complain that Smitty was beating her. Clearly, she had to be gotten away both from Smitty and from Amherst County, Virginia, so I offered to drive her to San Francisco. Anne Durney readily agreed.

Prior to departing, we considered other possibilities. At one point, Anne suggested that I locate the real father of Kerry and drop her off at his front doorstep. However, then we discovered from the Social Security Death Index that the real father had died in Martinez, California on September 14, 1992. (KEVIN B HARTNETT born 14 Apr 1948 died 14 Sep 1992 94553 (Martinez, Contra Costa, CA) 154-40-8420).

After all other possibilities had been discussed and exhausted, Kerry got in my car and off we went. However, I wanted to see my mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, who had been locked up in a nursing home in Aiken, South Carolina, at the behest of my brother, Creighton Sloan, who had had my mother kidnapped and who had also arranged for my daughter, Shamema, to be kidnapped by Charles and Shelby Roberts.

I arrived at the nursing home in Aiken at about 11:00 PM. They may have thought that I was my brother, as we look somewhat alike, and they let Kerry and I into see my mother immediately. However, only 15 minutes later, the nurse came in and told us that we would have to leave. Knowing the behavior of my brother, I knew that he had been alerted to our presence and was going to try to do something to us. Therefore, Kerry and I left the nursing home immediately.

On the way out of town, but still inside the city limits of Aiken, we were pulled over by about 6 to 8 police cars. A whole caravan of police cars had been following us and had us surrounded. It was obvious that my brother Creighton had called the police to try to have me arrested again.

The police pulled Kerry Durney out of my car and put her into a police car, where she was interrogated by a female police officer. They also gave me an obviously bogus ticket for failing to stop when signaled by a police officer. I had stopped immediately as soon as I realized that I was surrounded by the police.

Finally, the police let me go, but took Kerry Durney into custody.

One thing perhaps I should mention here. I had been extremely careful in my dealings with Kerry Durney. I had never touched her at all. I never even shook her hand, or patted her on the back or even looked at her. I knew that another man had already been sentenced to time in jail because of Kerry Durney. Under absolutely no circumstances was I going to have any physical contact at all with Kerry Durney. I am sure that the lady police officer was asking her questions about this in the police car.

After Kerry Durney had been taken into custody by the police, I tried to call Anne Durney but she could not be reached. I therefore called her friend, Barbara Bryant, an area organizer for VOCAL VIRGINIA, in Roanoke, and explained the situation. She called the police in Aiken, South Carolina. After several calls, Barbara Bryant told me that Kerry Durney was going to be held in a detention center over night and then put on a Greyhound Bus back to Lynchburg.

I knew of course that the last place for Kerry to be was in Lynchburg, as she was trying to escape from there, as that is why she was traveling with me. Therefore, I drove in my car back to Columbia, South Carolina and waited in the bus station for the bus to come. When the bus arrived, Kerry got out of the Greyhound Bus and immediately got into my car. We continued on our merry way to San Francisco.

We passed through Atlanta, Georgia, planning to take the Southern Route because I have an old college friend who lives in El Paso Texas who would allow us to stay in his house for a few days. I was still in Georgia about five miles from the border with Alabama when I had a flat tire. The lugs on the tire were on too tight. I could not change the tire. Finally, I had no choice. I drove the car, flat tire and all, off the Interstate and stopped at a motel just off the highway.

I checked us into the motel at about 5:00 AM. Kerry and I slept in separate beds. Again, I never touched her and had absolutely no intention of doing so. Legally, there was no problem. The age of consent in Georgia was 16 and in South Carolina was 14. Kerry was over 16 and was married to another man and thereby legally emancipated. However, I was doing this to help Kerry and her mother to get out of a difficult situation and for no other reason.

At five minutes past noon, after we had gotten up and were getting dressed to leave, the telephone rang. It was from the front desk. An Indian family owned the motel. The Indian lady said that I had to pay her $40. I told her that I had already paid for the room. She said that that was for last night and I had to pay again. "What time is it now?", she asked. It was 12:05. It was, of course, ridiculous that I had checked in at 5:00 AM and now only seven hours later she was demanding that I pay for another full night. I uttered some obscenity and slammed down the telephone.

I told Kerry that we had better go now. She finished getting dressed and we walked out the door. Just as we were walking out the motel room door, two policemen in a patrol car arrived. The Indian lady came and told them that I had to pay her $40 for another night in her motel. The police were not interested in her claim. They were however interested in Kerry, who was rather skimpily dressed in short tight clothing.

The police took Kerry into custody. I tried to call Anne Durney again and still could not reach her. I called Barbara Bryant again. The same scenario from the previously day was repeated.

I realized that the police were going to try to ship Kerry back to Lynchburg again. The main route to Lynchburg goes through Atlanta, so I drove to Atlanta and waited in the Greyhound Bus Station. I waited there all day and most of the night.

Finally, Barbara Bryant told me on the phone that Kerry had arrived in Roanoke. I spoke to Kerry, who was at Barbara Bryant's house. Kerry told me that the police had not sent her through Atlanta. Instead, they had put her on a bus to Nashville and then on another bus through White Sulfur Springs. Kerry was upset because she had had to wait for twelve hours in Nashville for a connecting bus. It was obvious that they had sent her the long way around, realizing that I would wait for her at the bus station again.

I then drove to San Francisco. A few months later, Kerry was living with her millionaire grandmother in Bay Head, New Jersey. When Kerry had been taken by the police, she had left her tennis racket in my car, an expensive gift from her grandmother. As I was very short of funds, the grandmother sent me money to pay to ship the tennis racket to New Jersey.

That was the last time I ever heard of Kerry Durney, except that I heard that not long thereafter she gave birth to a baby girl. To this day, I wonder what would have happened to Kerry had not that Indian lady in the motel called the police because it was five minutes past the check-out time and she wanted to be paid for another day.

Now you know the story of Anne Durney. At the same time that all this was happening, Anne was making her escape to Wyoming. Now you know why Anne Durney is living in the badlands of Big Horn County. Be careful if you go near her, especially if you are a law enforcement authority, because Anne Durney is very heavily armed.

Vote for Anne Durney, Libertarian for Big Horn County Commissioner.

Sam Sloan


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