Michael Sloan was on WABC Channel 7 News

Like Father, Like Son.

Only one week after Sam Sloan was on TV, his son, Michael Sloan, was on TV, but on a different channel.
Michael Rankoth Sloan

On Monday, June 21, 1999, Michael Sloan was on a special report on WABC Channel 7 in New York City. The Reason: Michael Sloan attends PS 111, which is the worst school in the entire New York City Public School System.

PS 111 is in Long Island City, Queens, just on the Queens side of the 59th Street Bridge. Michael Sloan is in the fourth grade and 85% of 4th grade students at PS 111 flunked the 4th grade basic reading test, the worst of any school in New York City. This was the subject of the Special Report on TV.

Michael Sloan, naturally being a conformist, joined the majority in this.

Strangely, his siblings, George and Anusha Sloan, were in the 15% who passed the reading test. This needs to be investigated.

Michael Sloan was not actually interviewed for the TV report. He covered his face for each of the about 10 times that he was on camera. The TV producers had given Michael a consent form to take home for his mother to sign to give permission for Michael to be interviewed on TV. However, Michael put the consent form in the same place where he puts his homework on the way home every day: In the trash can. The consent form never reached home and of course was never signed.


On Mon, 14 Jun 1999 23:59:02 GMT, sloan@ishipress.com (Sam Sloan) wrote:

Sam Sloan was interviewed on WCBS Channel 2 television news in New York City tonight, Monday, June 14. The interview was broadcast at 5:27 PM. It may be rebroadcast when the 11:00 PM nightly news comes on.

The interview concerned Mayor Giuliani's proposal announced two days ago to reduce the speed limit in New York City from 30 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour.

Because my kids were yelling and screaming with excitement when the broadcast came on the air, I was unable to hear what the commentators said about the views of Sam Sloan. If anybody heard it and can remember it, please let me know.

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