USCF 2002 Election Results

The top two vote-getters were elected. Total Votes for the five candidates on the ballot were:

Arnold Denker 198
Joe Wagner 187
Sam Sloan 71
Larry Cohen 64
Enrique Rios 40

Here are the votes as they were opened and counted on Wednesday morning, July 31, 2002. These results are completely unofficial. I wrote the votes down as the ballots were being opened and read out. I wrote them down in pairs, since each ballot could be voted for either one or two candidates. For example, 120 voters voted for both Denker and Wagner. The top two vote getters were elected, so Denker and Wagner were elected by a wide margin.

There were five candidates on the ballot. There were 44 votes cast for write-in candidates. John Fernandez, with 7 votes, received the most votes of any write-in candidate.

Denker and Wagner 120
Denker and Sloan 28
Denker and Cohen 22
Denker and Rios 17
Denker and a Write-In 9
Denker alone 2
Wagner and Sloan 26
Wagner and Cohen 24
Wagner and Rios 8
Wagner and a Write-In 4
Wagner alone 5
Sloan and Cohen 5
Sloan and Rios 2
Sloan and a Write-In 5
Sloan alone 5
Cohen and Rios 6
Cohen and a Write-In 3
Cohen alone 4
Rios and a Write-In 3
Rios alone 3
Two Write-Ins 9
Blank Ballots (no votes) 2

Total Votes counted 312

The votes which included at least one Write-In were as follows:

Denker and Steve Doyle 4
Denker and Karl Heck 1
Denker and Don Schultz 1
Denker and Richard Buchanan 1
Denker and Russell Miller 1
Denker and John Fernandez 1
Wagner and William Orgain 2
Wagner and Doris Barry 1
Wagner and Fernandez 1
Sloan and John Fernandez 1
Sloan and Tom Dorsch 1
Sloan and Peter Sloan Aravena 1
Sloan and Bernadette Doyle 1
Sloan and Ken Thomas 1
Cohen and Joe Riegsecker 1
Cohen and John Fernandez 2
Cohen and Ken Lewandowski 1
Rios and Bruce Draney 1
Rios and Jim Eade 1
Rios and Yasser Seirawan 1
Rios and John Fernandez 1
Jim Eade and Leroy Dubeck 2
Jim Eade and Tom Dorsch 1
John Fernandez and Luis Salinas 1
Al Lawrence and Lev Albert 1
Luis Salinas and George John 1
Grant Perks and George John 1
Jim Pechac and Leroy Dubeck 1
Ken Thomas and Alan Kantor 1

Total Votes

Arnold Denker 198
Joe Wagner 187
Sam Sloan 71
Larry Cohen 64
Enrique Rios 40

John Fernandez 7
Steve Doyle 4
Jim Eade 4
Leroy Dubeck 3
William Orgain 2
Ken Thomas 2
Luis Salinas 2
Tom Dorsch 2
George John 2

Karl Heck, Don Schultz, Richard Buchanan, Russell Miller, Doris Barry, Peter Sloan Aravena, Bernadette Doyle, Joe Riegsecker, Ken Lewandowski, Bruce Draney, Yasser Seirawan, Al Lawrence, Lev Albert, Grant Perks, Jim Pechac, and Alan Kantor received one vote each.

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