Chess Olympiad, day 14: FIDE Commerce Deal Passes

ISTANBUL, November 10: Men's Standings: Russia leads with 36, followed by Germany with 34.5, Hungary with 33.5, Ukraine with 32.5, Georgia with 32, England and Israel with 31.5, Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Slovenia with 31, China, Armenia, Cuba, Greece, India, Denmark and Macedonia with 30.5, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Romania with 30, USA, Spain, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Philippines and Finland with 29.5, Brazil, Sweden, France, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia, Scotland and Czech Republic with 29.

Women's Standings: China leads with 30.5 followed by Georgia with 28, Russia with 27, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Netherlands with 24, Hungary, Germany and Cuba with 23.5, Romania with 23, Bulgaria and Spain with 22.5, England, Armenia, Kazakhstan and USA with 22, Australia, Poland, Moldova, Vietnam, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Bosnia, and Uzbekistan with 21.5, Belarus, Slovakia, Greece, Azerbaijan and Sweden with 21, Israel, Czech Republic, France, Estonia, Turkministan and Philippines with 20.5.

Kirsan and his sycophants
Kirsan and his sycophants: In the glory of the great man stand his supplicants. In this photo, taken by Yee Humble Reporter Sam Sloan as Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was leaving the FIDE General Assembly meeting following the approval of the FIDE Commerce Deal on November 10, 2000, Kirsan is standing in the center. I do not know the blond woman to the left. Next to the blond woman is Deputy President George Makropoulos. To the left and behind Kirsan is Steve Doyle, FIDE Vice-President, who is from the USA. The man in the upper right corner who looks like a secret service agent speaking into his cellular phone is actually Israel Gelfer of, you guessed it, Israel. Steve Doyle, George Makropoulos and the blond woman all got into the same car and left with Kirsan. Steve Doyle expressed his vehement objections to my calling him a "Kirsan Sycophant".

I am now in Istanbul, where the World Chess Olympiad is taking place. I am issuing daily press reports on the developments in the Olympiad. Here are my daily press reports so far:
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