More of Mami

Here is another photo of Mami. I really think this a great photo. She has that pixie grin. She is obviously getting ready to show us something. She knows that this is enough to make any Jap blood boil.
Yet, so far, Mami has not shown us anything. She is fully clothed. Every button is still in place. But we know that we are going to get to see something really good soon.
More of Mami

A classic photo. Definitely professionally done.

Of course, eventually Mami gets down to the familiar banana stuck in her pussy. It takes her a long time to get there and by that time she has long since obtained our credit card number.

Here is a link to Mami's actual web site. By the way, don't send me any love letters addressed to her. I receive a constant stream of love letters at my web site, people telling me how beautiful I am and how much they love me. However, I certainly hope that I am not the actual intended object of these letters, because I ain't queer.

I have never fucked Mami. I don't know her and I probably never will. Also, this is not a commercial advertisement. I gain no commission or benefit from this. Presently, I have no connection with any of the girls whose photos are on my web site. I have personally fucked 31 of the girls whose photos are on my web site (I am not telling you which ones) but in most cases that was years ago, and in some cases more than 30 years ago.

So the beautiful young girl who you see on my web site might now be a fat middle-aged lady with lots of kids.

Still, I can dream. Perhaps some day Mami will give me some of that good, good pussy as a reward for all the free publicity I am giving her.

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