US Military about to take Baghdad?

Some units of the US Army are reported to be within 15 miles of Baghdad. Forces are advancing slowly but are encountering light resistance. The much vaunted Republican Guards are reported to have been bombed out and no longer able to offer effective opposition.

Here are Sam's always infallible predictions.

Jessica Lynch
Jessica Lynch
Jessica Lynch

1. The US Military will occupy Baghdad within a week at the most and probably within two days and possibly even within a day.

2. Saddam Hussein and his sons are already dead.

3. After the US forces enter Baghdad, it will be found that he had no weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, and none even on the drawing boards.

4. There will be no house-to-house fighting. Baghdad will be taken peacefully.

5. If will eventually be established that the regime of Saddam Hussein had nothing whatever to do with the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center and had no connection with Osama bin Laden.

6. The USA will occupy Baghdad for the next ten years, in spite of constant griping and complaining by France, who will be upset at having lost all their lucrative contracts to supply weapons to Iraq.

7. George W. Bush will be defeated for re-election and will never hold public office again. Of this I am 100% sure. The American people will never again trust Bush to be president. Even though this war will have been concluded successfully, we will be afraid that he will start another one. His opponent will probably be Hillary Clinton, who will be the next US President.

Among the reasons I think all this are that I watched on Network TV this morning an interview by an American news reporter of the Iraqi doctors who were taking care of Jessica Lynch, while she was their prisoner in the hospital. The Iraqi doctors would never have agreed to this TV interview, unless they were certain that Saddam Hussein was finished.

On another subject: A rumor apparently circulated on an Internet Chess Server last night that my own daughter, Shamema, had been killed in the war. This is not true. Shamema is still doing her regular job at Al Jaber Air Base in Kuwait, loading and unloading bombs destined for Iraq.

The source of this rumor is likely that there is reason to believe that a soldier with a similar name, Shoshana Johnson, is dead. The US military that rescued Jessica Lynch brought back eleven dead bodies and nobody else alive and, since Jessica Lynch was captured in the same group with Shoshana Johnson, it seems likely that unfortunately she is dead.

Sam Sloan

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Shamema is now in VMA-214, the Blacksheep Squadron.

UPDATE: My daughter is stationed at Al Jaber Air Base in Kuwait.

Shamema is now a corporal. Shamema said that she is one of the people who stands on the flight line and when the planes that do come back from bombing come back she disarms the weapons. So she is one of the first to know if they dropped bombs. see she arms and dearms all kinds of stuff including harriers but the harriars do not do any of the super dangerous stuff you know. She also disarms and arms F-18's F-16's and A- 10's"

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