Pakistan Drops the Bomb

Pakistan set off five nuclear tests this morning, to equal the five nuclear tests set off by India two weeks ago.

Perhaps the only significant difference was that the five nuclear tests by India were set off extremely close to the border with Pakistan, whereas the five nuclear tests by Pakistan were set at the furthest possible distance from India and indeed close to the border with Iran.

Although Pakistan will no doubt suffer from international sanctions from this, she can hardly be blamed. The only reason why India would want to test nuclear weapons would be to prepare for a war with Pakistan.

Site of Pakistan Nuclear Tests.
Note the area where my wife, Honzagool, lives. Look at the top of the map of Pakistan. You will see an < shape pointing into Afghanistan. The tip of that < shape is where the house of Honzagool is located.

The Indian claim that it has never been the aggressor in its three wars with Pakistan is simply not true. When India was divided into two parts, India and Pakistan, everybody understood and agreed that the Muslim dominated areas would be incorporated into Pakistan and the rest would go into India. However, on the day after the independence of both new nations was declared, Indian troops marched into and occupied Kashmir, an area more than 95% Muslim. The counter-attack by Pakistan the next day was clearly appropriate and to be expected.

This is the issue which has caused all three wars between India and Pakistan and is likely to cause war number four, especially with the new Hindu nationalist government of India demolishing mosques in Northern India and Kashmir and building Hindu temples on the ruins.

I have two personal reasons for interest in this subject: It so happens that the top nuclear scientist in Pakistan is named Abdul Qadeer. It also so happens that a suitor my wife, a man who wrote several letters proposing marriage to her (ignoring the inconvenient fact that she was my wife) is named Ijaz Mansour Qureshi. Ijaz Mansour Qureshi is a nuclear scientist with a Ph.D. in nuclear bomb making from the Department of Physics, University of Toronto, and his father is named Abdul Qadeer!

I am wondering if the Abdul Qadeer who is the father of Ijaz is the same Abdul Qadeer who set off the five nuclear blasts this morning.

Sought as a bride by the son of the man who set off five nuclear tests yesterday?

Does anybody know the answer to this question?

If so, please send me e-mail.

Haji Mohammad Ismail Sloan

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