Qin Kan Ying, Chinese grandmaster of chess

Qin Kai Ying celebrates her first International Master's Norm after defeating International Grandmaster Ronny Gunawan of Indonesia

Qin Kai Ying is currently rated 2380 by the World Chess Federation ("FIDE")

I have seen her name spelled three ways: Qin Kai Ying, Qin KanYing and Qin Kan Ying. Can anybody tell me which way is correct?
Qin KanYing, Chinese grandmaster of chess

UPDATE: Qin is now playing now playing a match against Xie Jun for the World Chess Championship in New Delhi. Wouldn't it be nice if she wins the world chess championship.

Here are links: Here is where Qin is rated: FIDE Top 50 Women Rating List, January, 1998

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