Sam Sloan's Big Combined Family Trees

John ADAMS [Parents] was born in 1768. He died in 1835. He married Nancy DYER in 1789.

Nancy DYER.Nancy married John ADAMS in 1789.

Mercia De VALACHIA.Mercia married Mara Tomei of BALATIA.

Mara Tomei of BALATIA.Mara married Mercia De VALACHIA.

They had the following children:

  M i Vlad II "The Dragon" DRACUL died in 1448.

John Sheldon Doud EISENHOWER [Parents] was born on 3 Aug 1922. He died in May 1967. He married Barbara Jean THOMPSON on 10 Jun 1947.

Other marriages:
THOMPSON, Barbara Jean

Barbara Jean THOMPSON was born on 15 Jun 1926. She married John Sheldon Doud EISENHOWER on 10 Jun 1947.

They had the following children:

  M i Dwight David EISENHOWER was born in 1948.

William Vincent ASTOR [Parents] was born on 22 Feb 1890 in New York. He died on 3 Feb 1959 in New York, New York. He married Brooke RUSSELL on 8 Oct 1953 in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Other marriages:

John Jacob Astor IV died on the Titanic in 1912. He left the main part of his fortune to his son William Vincent Astor, who married three times but had no children. This part of the Astor fortune ended in a philanthropic foundation and the family is no longer among the wealthiest in America.

Brooke RUSSELL [Parents] was born on 30 Mar 1902 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She died on 13 Aug 2007 in Holly Hill, Westchester County estate, New York. The cause of death was pneumonia. She married William Vincent ASTOR on 8 Oct 1953 in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Other marriages:
KUSER, J. Dryden
MARSHALL, Charles "Buddie"

When Brooke Russell was born March 30, 1902, Theodore Roosevelt was president, the U.S. had only 45 states and the Wright brothers had yet to make their first powered flight. She was the only child of John H. Russell, a career Marine officer who rose to become commandant of the Corps from 1934 to 1936. She was fluent in Chinese after spending her childhood in China and many other places, including the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Hawaii and Panama.

At age 16, she was pushed by her mother into marriage with J. Dryden Kuser, whom she had met at a Princeton prom. The marriage ended in divorce 10 years later.

Her second marriage was to stockbroker Charles "Buddie" Marshall. Her son Anthony, from her marriage to Kuser, took Marshall's name. During her marriage to Marshall, Astor wrote articles for various magazines and joined the staff of House & Garden, where she was feature editor for several years.

Marshall died in 1952. A year later, she married Vincent Astor, the eldest son of John Jacob Astor 4th, who died in the sinking of the Titanic. Vincent Astor's great-great-grandfather John Jacob Astor made a fortune in fur trading and New York real estate.

"Vincent was a very suspicious man," she recalled. "The fact that he had total confidence in me to run the foundation made me want to vindicate him, show him -- wherever he is -- that I could do a good job."

Hers was a hands-on approach, personally going over applications and then going out to meet the people who ran the programs to see what they were doing.

"Even in the worst drug areas, I don't hesitate to go right in and see people," she once said.

Astor wrote four books: "Patchwork Child," a 1962 autobiography; "The Bluebird is at Home," 1965, a novel; the autobiographical "Footprints," 1980; and "The Last Blossom on the Plum Tree," 1986, a period novel.

Hugh Ellsworth RODHAM was born on 2 Apr 1911. He died on 7 Apr 1993 in Little Rock, AR. He married Dorothy HOWELL.

Social Security Number: 196-03-4063

Q. What can you tell me about Hillary Clinton's father, Hugh Rodham? R.B., Arlington

A. Rodham, who died of a stroke in 1993 at age 82, owned a
drapery business in Chicago. Rodham was a tough-minded
Republican who had carved security for his wife Dorothy and three
children from a rough-and-tumble business world. The son of an
Englishman from Northumberland who immigrated to Pennsylvania
to work at the Scranton Lace Co., Rodham won a football
scholarship to Pennsylvania State University and earned a deg

Dorothy HOWELL.Dorothy married Hugh Ellsworth RODHAM.

They had the following children:

  F i Hillary Diane RODHAM was born on 26 Oct 1947.
  M ii Hugh RODHAM.
  M iii Tony RODHAM.

Dick KELLEY.Dick married Virginia Dell CASSIDY on 17 Jan 1982.

Virginia Dell CASSIDY [Parents] was born on 6 Jun 1923 in Bodcaw, Nevada Co., AR. She died on 6 Jan 1994 in Hot Springs, AR. She was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. She married Dick KELLEY on 17 Jan 1982.

Other marriages:
BLYTHE, William Jefferson Jr.
DWIRE, George Jefferson
DWIRE, George Jefferson

She did not have a Social Security Number, or at least I have not been able to find one.

James Boothby Burke ROCHE was born on 28 Jul 1851 in Twyford Abbey, Middlesex, England. He died on 30 Oct 1920 in Artillery Mansions, Westminster, England. He married Frances Eleanor WORK on 22 Sep 1880 in New York, New York, USA. The marriage ended in divorce.They were divorced in 1894.

Frances Eleanor WORK was born on 27 Oct 1857 in New York, New York, USA. She died on 26 Jan 1947 in New York, New York, USA. She married James Boothby Burke ROCHE on 22 Sep 1880 in New York, New York, USA. The marriage ended in divorce.They were divorced in 1894.

They had the following children:

  M i Edmund Maurice Burke ROCHE was born on 15 May 1885. He died on 8 Jul 1955.

John CHAMPE Jr. [Parents] was born in 1731. He married Ann CARTER.

Ann CARTER [Parents] was born about 1750. She married John CHAMPE Jr..

Other marriages:

Charles CARTER [Parents] was born about 1699. He married Ann BYRD.

Ann BYRD was born on 5 Feb 1724/1725. She married Charles CARTER.

They had the following children:

  F i Ann CARTER was born about 1750.

Senator Stephen Benton ELKINS [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born on 26 Sep 1841 in Lexington, Ohio. He died on 4 Jan 1911 in Washington, D.C.. He was buried in Maplewood Cemetery of Elkins, West Virginia. He married Sarah (Sallie) Simms JACOBS on 10 Jun 1866.

Other marriages:
DAVIS, Mary Louise (Hallie)

ELKINS, Stephen Benton, (father of Davis Elkins), a Delegate from the Territory of New Mexico and a Senator from West Virginia; born in Perry County, Ohio, September 26, 1841; moved with his parents to Westport, Mo.; attended the public schools and graduated from the law department of the University of Missouri at Columbia in 1860; during the Civil War enlisted in the Union Army as a captain in the Kansas Militia; moved to the Territory of New Mexico in 1864; admitted to the bar in 1864 and commenced practice in Messila, N.Mex.; member, Territorial house of representatives 1864-1865; district attorney for the Territory of New Mexico 1866-1867; attorney general of the Territory 1867; United States district attorney for the Territory 1867-1870; elected as a Republican Delegate to the Forty-third and Forty-fourth Congresses (March 4, 1873-March 3, 1877); was not a candidate for renomination in 1876; moved to Elkins, W.Va., which he founded, around 1890; extensive interests in developing natural resources and industry in West Virginia; appointed Secretary of War by President Benjamin Harrison 1891-1893; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate in February 1895; reelected in 1901 and 1907, and served from March 4, 1895, until his death in Washington, D.C., January 4, 1911; chairman, Committee on the Geological Survey (Fifty-sixth and Fifty-ninth Congresses), Committee on Interstate Commerce (Fifty-seventh through Sixty-first Congresses); interment in Maplewood Cemetery, Elkins, W.Va.

Sarah (Sallie) Simms JACOBS 1 was born about 1845 in , Wellington, Missouri. She died in Oct 1872 in , , Missouri. She married Senator Stephen Benton ELKINS on 10 Jun 1866.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah ELKINS 1 was born on 22 May 1867 in Harrisonville, , Missouri.
  F ii Elizabeth ELKINS 1 was born on 1 Aug 1870 in Harrisonville, , Missouri.

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