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Robert TALIAFERRO [Parents] was born on 11 Sep 1629 in England. He died about 1700 in Essex Co., VA. He married Sarah GRYMES.

Robert Talliaferro, of Cornwall England, emigrant, patented lands inGloucester 1655-1662 on a swamp running into Poropotank Creek. He, withLawrence Smith, patented 6,300 acres on Rappahannock. His son, Col. JohnTalliaferro, married Sarah Smith, daughter of Lawrence Smith. Issue:Lawrence Talliaferro, married Sarah Thornton, and was the father ofWilliam Thornton of King and Queen, grandfather of Philip Talliaferro of"Hockley."

Sarah GRYMES [Parents] was born in 1624 in Of Brandon, then Gloucester County, now Middlesex, VA. She died in 1687 in Rappahannock, Virginia. She married Robert TALIAFERRO.

Database: Gene Pool Individual Records,, gives a listing for"Katherine aka Sarah Grymes Debnam." It is possible that she was thewidow of a Grymes.

They had the following children:

  M i Francis TALIAFERRO was born in 1652 in Gloucester Co., VA. He was christened in Of The Mount. He died in 1710 in Essex County, VA.
  M ii John "The Ranger" TALIAFERRO was born in 1656. He died on 21 Jun 1720.
  F iii Mary TALIAFERRO was born in 1658 in Richmond, Richmond, Virginia. She died in 1695 in Essex Co, Virginia.
  F iv Sarah TALIAFERRO was born in 1660 in Gloucester, Gloucester, Virginia. She died before 1734 in , , Va..
  M v Richard TALIAFERRO was born in 1660 in Richmond, Richmond, Virginia. He was christened in Of Richmond Co., Va.. He died in 1712 in , Richmond, Va.
  M vi Charles TALIAFERRO was born in 1663 in Essex, Va. He died in 1734 in , Essex, Va.
  F vii Catherine TALIAFERRO was born in 1666 in Essex, Virginia. She died in 1682 in Essex, Virginia.
  M viii Robert TALIAFERRO was born in 1667 in , Richmond Co., Va. He died before 26 Jun 1726 in Essex Co., VA.
  M ix Lawrence TALIAFERRO was born about 1670. He died after 7 May 1726.
  M x Lawrence TALIAFERRO was born about 1670. He died after 7 May 1726.

Archibald BLAIR.Archibald married Sarah ARCHER.

Sarah ARCHER.Sarah married Archibald BLAIR.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth Bland BLAIR was born on 20 Jan 1708/1709. She died on 22 Apr 1775.

James BOLLING [Parents] was born in 1752 in Saint Mary's County, MD. He died in 1836 in Amherst County, VA. He married Laticia Moore GILLASPIE in 1777.

Laticia Moore GILLASPIE was born in 1762. She died in 1850 in Amherst County, VA. She married James BOLLING in 1777.

They had the following children:

  M i James S. BOLLING was born on 7 Aug 1797. He died on 8 Dec 1886.

Brett RANDOLPH [Parents] was born on 2 Feb 1760 in Virginia. He died after 1833. He married Ann Meade RANDOLPH.

Other marriages:
HALL, Mary

Ann Meade RANDOLPH [Parents].Ann married Brett RANDOLPH.

They had the following children:

  M i Patrick Henry RANDOLPH.

James S. BOLLING [Parents] was born on 7 Aug 1797 in Amherst County, VA. He died on 8 Dec 1886 in Columbia, Boone County, MO. He married Margaret DAVIS on 11 Nov 1819 in VA.

Margaret DAVIS was born on 3 Oct 1800 in Fauqueir county, VA. She died on 18 Mar 1894 in Columbia, Boone county, MO. She married James S. BOLLING on 11 Nov 1819 in VA.

They had the following children:

  F i Martha A. BOLLING was born about 1820.
  F ii Parmelia J. BOLLING was born about 1820.
  F iii Sallie BOLLING was born about 1820.
  M iv Charles L. BOLLING was born about 1820.
  F v Mildred BOLLING was born about 1820.
  F vi Mary F. BOLLING was born about 1820.
  M vii James Davis BOLLING was born on 16 Jan 1831 in Boone county, MO. He died on 15 Aug 1913 in Columbia, MO.

Samuel WASHINGTON [Parents] was born on 16 Nov 1734 in Of, Malden, Kanawha, Va. He died in 1781 in Harewood, Berkeley County, Virginia. He married Jane CHAMPE.

Other marriages:

Jane CHAMPE [Parents] was born in 1733 in Stafford, Stafford Co., Va. She died in 1758. She married Samuel WASHINGTON.

John CHAMPE was born in 1670. He died in 1763 in Fredericksberg, Va. He married Jane THORNTON.

Will of John Champe of Truroe Parish, Loudoun Co., VA, 1763

"I am contributing the will of John Champe, born ca. 1698, died 1763, with the thought that having it available will help clear up some of the confusion that exists due to the unusual coincidence of another John Champe in the Virginia colony having a will probabted the same year. The latter man, known as Col. (or Major) John Champe of Lambs Creek, King George Co., VA, born about 1702, died 1763, was of considerable wealth and position in the colony. His wife is given as Jane Thornton, and the couple had two sons and numerous daughters. The sons were John Jr., and William, who married Anne Carter and Mary Thornton, respectively, but neither marriage resulted in children. The Lambs Creek line continued through the daughters who married, among others, into the Taliaferro, Carter, Brokenbrough, Fleming, Willis and Washington families. An account of this family is set out in a study by W.B McGroarty, "Champe of Lambs Creek", Genealogies of Virginia Families I, A-Ch, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. According to McGroarty, there were no male Champes from this line, and therefore the burden falls on any present-day Champ(e) claiming descent from Col. John to prove McGroarty incorrect."

"For those who are interested in the will of Col. John Champe of Lambs Creek, drawn up in 1759, it was posted, April 24, 2000, by Jim Burgess on the RootWeb page for King George Co., VA Wills."

of "Lamb's Creek", King George Co, VA. "There are many references to John Champe of Lambs Creek in the public records of King George, Stafford, Essex and other counties on both sides of the Rappahannock river, prior to 1763, the year of his death, and for long after, which show that he was a man of large affairs, and of great wealth, and that he was held in high honor; he was appointed sheriff of King George in 1731; Lieut. Colonel of the County in 1752. Col. John Champe was appointed one of the executors of the will of John Spotswood, one of the second set of trustees of the town of Dumfries; one of the trustees of the town of Falmouth; appointed to settle the accounts of the militia in 1757; church warden, Lambs Creek Church, 1739 (Meade)." See FTM, CD162, p. 722.

Col. Champe had six daughters, all noted beauties. Elizabeth married Judge Plemlng; Jane married Col. Samuel Washington; Mary married Col. Lewis Willis; Lucy married Austin Brockenbrough; Ann married Col. John Tallaferro; and Sarah married Col. Edward Carter of "Bleinheim," Albemarle County. See FTM, CD186, p. 742.

1738 March 2 - King George County, VA Deed Book 2 Pp 251-255 Indenture between Major John Champe, Gent., and Jane his wife, and James Jones, bricklayer, by deeds of lease and release land in Parish of Brunswick up main road to North West side of Poplar Swamp to Mathews back line, down that line to a swamp or run which had its fountain from a spring on the land where RICHARD ELKINS SR, deceased, formerly lived.... to first bridge ..... the same being a part of 200 acres formerly granted unto Lt Col Sam'l Mathers by letters bearing date Patent under the seals of the Colony of Virginia at James City the 7th Sept 1654 by Richard Bennit Esqr. which piece of land is the dwelling plantation where Jones formerly lived. Presence: David Seale, Peter Nugent, John Taliaferro. At a court held 2d March 1738.

Jane THORNTON died about 1767 in Fredericksberg, Va. She married John CHAMPE.

There were several persons named Jane Thornton and several persons named John Champ or Champe, all of whom were born or died around 1763. Many researchers have mixed these people up and therefore family trees dealing with these names cannot always be trusted.

What makes this especially difficult is that John Champe and Jane Thornton, whomever they might be, produced numerous daughters, who married into almost all the prominent families or Virginia. Two daughters in the Champe line married relatives of President George Washington. Others married into the Taliaferro, Carter, Brokenbrough, Fleming and Willis families.

They had the following children:

  M i Ann CHAMPE was born in 1723.
  M ii John CHAMPE Jr. was born in 1731.
  F iii Jane CHAMPE was born in 1733. She died in 1758.
  F iv Mary CHAMPE was born in 1735.
  F v Lucy CHAMPE was born in 1737.
  F vi Elizabeth CHAMPE was born in 1739.
  F vii Sarah CHAMPE was born in 1740.
  M viii William CHAMPE was born in 1750.
  M ix Ann CHAMPE was born in 1723.
  M x John CHAMPE Jr. was born in 1731.
  F xi Sarah CHAMPE was born in 1740.
  M xii William CHAMPE was born in 1750.

John ALLEN was born in 1693 in Claremont, Curry, Virginia. He married Elizabeth BASSETT.

Elizabeth BASSETT [Parents] was born on 4 Jul 1697 in Eltham, N-Knt, VA. She died on 14 Oct 1738. She married John ALLEN.

William TANFIELD [Parents] 1, 2 was born in 1488 in Gayton, Northampton, England. He died on 6 Apr 1529. He married Isabell STAVELEY.

Isabell STAVELEY [Parents] was born about 1490 in Of, Bignell, Oxfordshire, England. She died before 1545. She married William TANFIELD.

They had the following children:

  M i Francis TANFIELD was born in 1508. He died in 1558.
  M ii William TANFIELD was born about 1520.

Robert TANFIELD [Parents] was born in 1461 in Gayton, Northamptonshire, England. He died before 20 Sep 1504. He married Catherine NEVILLE in Of, Raby, Durham, England.

Catherine NEVILLE [Parents] was born about 1459 in Of Raby With Keverstone, Staindrop, Durham, England. She married Robert TANFIELD in Of, Raby, Durham, England.

They had the following children:

  M i William TANFIELD was born in 1488. He died on 6 Apr 1529.

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