I worked late most nights, coming home at about eleven, and sometimes as late as midnight or one. One night in particular, I stopped and grabbed a cup of coffee and a box of doughnuts at a really great little doughnut shop. I had the next day off, and I liked to go home and watch TV, anyway. I found the door locked when I got home, and had to go around to the back. I could see my daughter through the patio's sliding glass door. She was wearing a tiny nightie, a see-through affair that was short - -- way too short. I had never seen it before, and I was surprised that she even wore such a thing. It was a very hot night, and I supposed that it was her way of keeping cool. It didn't hide much. Of course, I realized that this was my daughter, so it was no big deal. The patio door was locked, and I tapped gently on it, not wanting to frighten her. She turned and looked at me, a look of surprise, then recognition spreading across her face. She smiled as she got up from the couch and let me in.

As I was walking past her couch, she asked me to set down and watch the video she was playing. So, naturally I said OK, and I offered her a doughnut.

I sat down on the couch next to her but when I looked at the video I suddenly realized that it was hard core pornography. It was a girl I could not really see with three guys on top of her going into every hole.

"Hey, what is this?", I said. "My daughter is not supposed to be watching this."

"Don't worry about it Dad", she replied. "Everybody likes to watch a little porn now and then. Nobody gets hurt. It is just good clean fun."

She had a point. I could not deny that I had seen a little porn myself and she had obviously seen it before too, so why not watch it?

So, I settled in. However, I could not help it. After all, I was watching all this fucking and sucking. Naturally of course my dick started growing bigger and bigger looking at all this stuff.

I did not realize it at first that my daughter was watching with glee as this bulge grew bigger in my pants. I was really shocked when she reached over and started to unzip my fly.

"What are you doing?", I said.

"Hey, Dad, it is no big deal. Dont worry about it. I can see that your pants are on really tight and your dick is growing really big. You are going to hurt yourself if you do not take it out. I will take it out for you. I will be gentle and it will be OK. Its only natural."

So, what could I do? She was right. It had been starting to hurt. So, I let her pull my dick out, ever so very, very gently.

Meanwhile, I continued to watch the porn video, which I had to admit was a really good video. Very well done.

I said to my daughter, "Funny thing. That girl under those three guys. The one with a dick in each of her three holes, funny coincidence but she looks a bit like you."

"Really Dad? Are you sure?", she replied.

Suddenly, I said, "Hey. That girl under those three guys. That IS you. That's you."

I started to sit bolt upright, but discovered that I could not do so, because the instant I said, "Thatfs you." My daughter wrapped her lips tight around my hard dick.

Suddenly, I was helpless. My daughter who I had thought was still a virgin before tonight was ferociously sucking on my dick. I was weak and unable to do anything, even if I had wanted to.

So, I just lay there, because there was nothing, absolutely nothing, that I could do about this situation.

My daughter took my dick out of her mouth and wrapped her fingers tight around it. She started to climb over me and I thought she was finishing up, when suddenly I realized what she must be doing.

"What are you doing?", I asked, but before I could finish the question I knew the answer: She had slid my dick deep into her dark hole.

"I can't fuck you. You're my daughter", I said.

"Guess what, Dad. You have already fucked me. Once it is in, it is in. Even if you pull it now, that changes nothing. Nothing will ever change that, forever. I have been fucked by my father. Thatfs it. There is nothing you can do any more, so you might as well lay back and enjoy it."

She was right, and so I did. What else could I do?

"This is really terrible", I said. "Why did this happen?"

"Guess what, Dad. All the girls are doing this. Its the rage. You know, Joline. The cute girl down the street. She has been fucking her father for the past two years! And you know Mary Sue. She is new at this. She fucked her father for the first time just two weeks ago. Hey, I'm the last kid on the block."

I had to admit. I had been looking at Joline for quite some time. She was really a cute, sexy girl. But I could never dream of fucking her. She was my daughter's best friend. Now, suddenly, it seemed entirely possible that I could fuck Joline.

It was this thought of fucking this girl Joline that suddenly made my dick harder than ever. I sort of forgot that my dick was actually inside of my daughter's pussy. I was thinking about fucking Joline when suddenly my dick exploded. A huge wad of cum came out. My daughter was very happy. The cum came dripping out of her pussy. She reached her finger down and took a taste of it. It tasted so good, she said.

So, we finished our first fuck. As my daughter got off, as she was still on top, I asked, "Is it really true what you said, that all the girls are getting fucked by their fathers."

"I donft know about ALL the girls but we are playing a game of chicken at school. It is no longer cool just to fuck your boyfriend. Only the nerdy girls just fuck their boyfriends. They are just so out of it. You have to be fucking at least two or three guys, but to make it exciting, they have to know each other but never suspect that you are fucking both of them. It is too easy just to fuck one boy on one side of town and the other boy on the other side of town. You have to do something daring, exciting and dangerous."

"So, what is the ultimate daring, exciting and dangerous thing to do. To get fucked by your father of course. So, we dare each other. The other girls dared me. I admit I was scared to do this. Finally, I had to try."

"So, you planned the whole thing."

"Sure. Donft you realize. Do you think that you just forgot your keys? Before you left home this morning, I took your keys out of your pocket. I knew that you would not notice them missing until you came home, so you would have to come around the back. So I was sitting here in my sexy negligee just waiting for you to come home. I planned the whole thing, and it worked perfectly."

"I was playing a porn video just for you. Naturally, you are going to want to watch, especially when I asked you to. So you fell right into my little trap. If you had not fallen for it I would have thought something was wrong with you. I even got three of my friends to help me make the video, just for you."

"Your mother will be angry if she finds out."

"She wouldn't give a fuck. Donft you know what is going on? If she walked in the door right now, saw us fucking, Mommy would just nod her head and keep going to the bedroom. She will be happy to know that you are fucking me. That way, her secret is safe. She will have nothing to worry about."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you know? Your wife, my mother, is out fucking right now. You think she is working late? Yes, she is, but she is fucking her boss. They fuck every day. You are really dense."

I was devastated. I could not imagine that my wife, my darling, holy and pure wife, was out fucking some other guy.

"I know it must be upsetting, but it is the truth", my daughter said as she took my dick in her hands. "But I will make you feel better", as she put it in her mouth.

"OK. I have to admit. I would never have dreamed of fucking you. But I had taken a few looks at Joline. If you could arrange a little introduction, it would be much appreciated."

"No chance. Guess what Daddy. From now on, you only fuck me. No Joline. No Mommy. No any other girl. And no questions about my private life either."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that every night I will be waiting for you here and every night we are going to fuck. If I ever catch you fucking Mommy, you are going to be very, very sorry. I promise you."

And so, that is the way it started. And every day, from that day to this, my daughter has waited at home for me to come and fuck her. I have never fucked my wife again, never after all these years. My wife has never said a word. I suppose that she must know, and does not care. Perhaps my daughter has even told her.


= = = = = = = = = =

The first paragraph of the above article came as spam email on the Internet. It was a teaser. Click on the button, and you find that you have to pay to read the rest. I did not want to pay so I decided to complete the story myself. It is pure fiction.

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