While hugging and kissing in Blackberry Patch

While hugging and kissing in Blackberry Patch
Tom offered me a quarter to feel of my snatch
"Tom", said I, "Your quarter I do not wish to steal"
But as for my snatch, that you are welcome to feel

The above lines are the beginning of a long poem which was passed around my eighth grade class when I was 13 years old.

I have never seen this poem again but the memorable first lines still stick in my mind.

Does anybody have the rest of it? It is quite long.

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: A reader has provided the closing lines, which I also remember. They go:

You may say we were naughty
But say what you may
I'll go blackberry picking With Tom
any day.

UPDATE: FarFinLuck@aol.com another reader remembers another verse:

He pulled up my dress and my panties did fall
I stood there like Venus, fairest of all.
He patted my ass and he patted my thighs,
I spread them apart and was proud of their size.

UPDATE: A reader writes:

another line that I remember is

he pulled out his prick
all throbbing and pounding
as hard as a brick

At 03:06 PM 10/1/2003 EDT, Rifflesl@cs.com wrote:

I found this poem while I was cleaning out the attic of an ants house. All records indicate it was written around 1940


While stealing a kiss in the blackberry patch,
Ted offered me a quarter to feel my snatch.
I said, " Ted your quarter, I don't want to steal,
But as for my nookie, You're welcome to feel."

He pulled up my dress and my pants he let fall,
I stood naked as Eve, I plainly recall,
With my plump little belly as white as snow,
And the hair all twisted in the valley below.

Oh, he felt my ass and patted my thigh,
While I spread them open and he approved of their size,
When his hand went between them, I started to piss,
I had no control at a time like this.

His soft fingers were feeling my pussy's soft hair,
I could stand it forever, his hand cuddled there.
His passion , my body a tremble did set
With a rapturous longing I can feel it yet.

I opened his pants and took out his cock,
It was pointing and throbbing and hard as a rock,
Yet his cock was trembling , my pussy was too,
I knew in a moment we would start to screw.

He laid me down on the soft green grass,
His arms around my waist, his hand on my ass,
He could see I had never diddled before,
And he seemed in a hurry to open the door.

His balls slid down the crack of my ass,
While his cock slid around for the right way to pass,
Then both legs I wound around his ass,
And guided the prong into the right pass.

What a glorious feeling when he opened my slit,
I thought for a minute I was going to shit.
But how could I shit, lying there on the ground,
With my ass so tight it could hardly be found.

His cock, my pussy took to the hilt,
The harder he pushed, the better it felt.
His balls were as big as an egg of a duck,
And did their duty in helping to fuck.

Then he started working his ass up and down,
And I started mine going round and round,
A hot stream squirted, so thick and fast,
Oh, the bliss of a good piece of ass.

"Open your thighs now", I heard his say,
So I opened them up and faded away,
When I woke from my beautiful dream,
Down the crack of my ass came the cream.

Ted's dick was limp and hung down like lead,
And my pussy looked terribly messy and red.
You can say it was naughty, but it sure was nice,
And picking blackberries is my favorite vice.

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