Second Letter from Kansas - Office of the Securities Commissioner


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Second Letter from Kansas - Office of the Securities Commissioner
Second Letter from Kansas - Office of the Securities Commissioner

September 22, 2000

Mr. Samuel H. Sloan
One Campus Place
Brooklyn, NY 11208

Re: Go-World.Net - Regulation A Offering

Dear Mr. Sloan:

We have been informed by the Office of Small Business in the Division of Corporation Finance at the SEC that the issuer referenced above has filed a Form 1-A under Regulation A which discloses an intention to offer securities on the Internet. To date we have not received an application for registration of securities by Qualification pursuant to KSA 17-1258 and related regulations. Please advise us at your earliest convenience of the manner in which the issuer intends to comply with the Kansas Securities Act.

You may be interested in information for most of the states that is included on the Internet site of the North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc. (NASAA) at . From that home page, select the link entitled "Help for Small Business" and then on the lower portion of that page, select "Regional Review Program Websites". You cm then select any f four regional review program Websites. Information for Kansas is included under "Midwest Regional Review Program". Please review the statements of policy and filing requirements, including exhibits, plus the fact that audited financial statements are required for registration in all the states that require compliance with the NASAA Statement of Policy for Small Company Offering Registration (SCOR). Please note that either Model A or Model B of Form 1-A is acceptable for SCOR in Kansas and the Midwest Region.

Please contact this office if you have questions regarding securities registration.

Steven C. Wassom, Director of
Finance and Administration

Investor Services 1-800-232-9580

TOPEKA, KANSAS 66603-3804

Office (785) 296-33
Facsimile (785) 296-6872

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