Second Fischer Interview - January 27, 1999

(Note: Frequently the announcers break into a Filipino language. These sections are noted by [???]).

Pablo Mercado: Today is Wednesday, the 27th of January, 1999 [???] Several days ago, we had a live interview with, uh, grandmaster, international grandmaster, Bobby Fischer and it was facilitated by Mr. Eugene Torre, the first Asian Grandmaster, he's from the Philippines, who is now based in Baguio City, Philippines, right? And, uh, the interview focused on the development in the life of Mr. Fischer where we learned that some of, many of his memorabilia back in the states have been sold by his agent, I understand, no? Through an auction, and this incensed Mr. Fischer so much so that he wasnít able to control his temper during our interview... as a result [???] reactions through the Internet, no? In fact we have here several copies of reactions to or responses to the interview we made with Bobby Fischer [???]. right now, Eugene is dialing the telephone number of Bobby Fischer. Mr. Fischer is in Hungary right now, no? [???] so maybe we can talk more about his problem, and [???] also with Mr. Roland Nolte. I understand Roland you're also a chess player [???]. Uhh. You're also a ...

Rolando Nolte: National Master

Pablo Mercado: National Master... how well do you know Mr. Eugene Torre?

Rolando Nolte: since 1991

Pablo Mercado: you've been together since... [???]

Rolando Nolte: [Roland says something about Fischerrandom Chess]

Pablo Mercado: Alright, how well do you know Mr. Bobby Fischer?

Rolando Nolte: [???]

[Torre in background, apparently saying Fischer is on the phone]

Pablo Mercado: Hello? Hello? What time is it in your....

Bobby Fischer: OK?

Pablo Mercado: alright, you're coming in [...] in the Philippines, Mr. Fischer?

Bobby Fischer: Oh.. this is Pablo?

Pablo Mercado: Yes, this is Pablo Mercado.. and, uh, alright, we called you up again because.. is it ok on your side?

Bobby Fischer: Yeah yeah.. if you can be a little louder, it's ok, otherwise good, ok

Pablo Mercado: Alright, ok, so I'd like to talk with you again, this time Mr. Fischer

Bobby Fischer: Sure sure

Pablo Mercado: And I have here, of course, Eugene Torre, and you may know Rolando Nolte

Bobby Fischer: Yeah yeah.. how are you, uh, Rolando?

Rolando Nolte: OK, Bobby.

Pablo Mercado: OK, he says he's ok.. Ill give him the phone in a little while.. he's...

Bobby Fischer: I met him down in Buenos Aires a couple years ago..

Pablo Mercado: How are you now?

Bobby Fischer: Good good.. very good, thanks...

Pablo Mercado: Alright.. you know, since the interview we had several days ago

Bobby Fischer: Ya

Pablo Mercado: We had several responses to that interview, in fact, via the Internet

Bobby Fischer: Ya ya, I know.

Pablo Mercado: Are you aware of that?

Bobby Fischer: Ya ya

Pablo Mercado: Well, I'd like you to respond to some of these comments they made of the interview

Bobby Fischer: Before we go any further, you know Iíd like to apologize, uh, you know, because, you know, my language, and the things I said about the Jews. real vulgar, you know what I mean?

Pablo Mercado: Yes, yes, perfectly...

Bobby Fischer: But, uh, can I talk to Eugene for a second?

Pablo Mercado: Alright, Ill give you to Eugene, Eugene?

Eugene Torre: Yeah, Bobby..

Bobby Fischer: Yeah, Eugene. did you hear the one about what happened to the Jew with an erection when he accidentally ran into the wall?

Eugene Torre: No no, what what.

Bobby Fischer: Did you hear the one about what happened to the Jew with an erection when he accidentally ran into the wall?

Eugene Torre: No no, I didnít. I donít know...

Bobby Fischer: Yeah, he broke his nose..

[all laugh]

Eugene Torre: Alright..

Pablo Mercado: Eugene maybe what we can do is start off the ball rolling with a few questions to Bobby

Bobby Fischer: Hello?

Eugene Torre: Yeah, Bobby, do you have anything to say in particular before we forget anything?

Bobby Fischer: No, are we on the air or what?

Eugene Torre: Yeah, we are on the air

Bobby Fischer: Uh, well, no, nothing... Iím going to make an announcement pretty soon.. and uh, I have a lot of things to say, sure sure, first of all, I want to keep going with uh,... as ridiculous as it is, and as outrageous as it is, and as farcical as it is, the Jews who control the media all over the world, they're gonna say the reason Bobby Fischer didnít pay his storage bill in Pasadena is because he's broke. That's the real reason. Everything else is just a smokescreen.. and it's a tragedy that all his stuff was confiscated and auctioned off, but he couldn't pay his storage bill, and he's ashamed to admit it. And that's why he lost everything. Not because of some conspiracy. He just doesnít have the money. He's broke. He was never paid his prize fund in his match in Yugoslavia. And what if he was paid? It was all. He reinvested in Yugoskandic and he lost it all when Yashivivashvili fled to the bandit State of Israel.. so he's broke. That's why he lost his stuff in storage.. no conspiracy. OK. Get some little music ready for a big announcement, ok?

Eugene Torre: Unfortunately, we don't have music...

Bobby Fischer: That's OK..

Eugene Torre:We have a drum. We have a drum.

Bobby Fischer: I am now going to prove that I got about 3 and a half million dollars in Switzerland...ok?

Pablo Mercado: Alright Bobby, this is Pablo..

Bobby Fischer: Hi Pablo .. cause the god damn Jews.. who will use any fuckin trick to screw me .. fuckin bastards and liars.. I got the dough.. it was a conspiracy.. I worked my ass off for this memorabilia for years. I was in and out of those file cabinets and safes thousand and thousands of times.. there's no way.. I kept this stuff, this memorabilia, through thick and thin for decades.. I had twenty lean years where I hardly made any money.. the Jews blackmailed me from playing chess. And it was a hardship just to pay the storage, you know? I kept this stuff.. for twelve years it was in storage.. I was paying dough even when I had practically no income.. now how am I gonna give it up after the match in 1992 when I made three and a half million dollars.. ok.. I am gonna prove, refute all the Jewish lies that I'm broke, was never paid for my match in Yugoslavia in 1992. or if I was paid I reinvested all the money in Yugoskandic and lost everything.. All bullshit, all lies, the Jews know it. When I first read these stories I wasn't paid for my 1992 title match with Boris Spassky in Yugoslavia, or that I have lost it all in Yugoskandic when the bank went bankrupt I laughed. But the god damn Jews they've been repeating it, repeating it, repeating it. They wanna cram this fuckin lie down everybody's throat... and now I see why they were pushing it, cause they were planning to rob my stuff in storage on the outrageous pretext that I owe them four hundred eighty bucks. That stuff was worth millions!

Pablo Mercado: Alright

Bobby Fischer: Now, Iím gonna prove I got this three and a half million dollars in Switzerland... cause the Jews will say, oh. Fischer says he's got three and a half million dollars in Switzerland, so what? anybody can say he's got three and a half million dollars in Switzerland.. he can say he's got ten million dollars in Switzerland.. a hundred million dollars, a billion dollars. OK, I will prove I've got the three and a half million dollars in Switzerland, ok? I will tell you the bank it's in right now.. it's in the Union Bank of Switzerland, Zurich. ok?

Pablo Mercado: OK

Bobby Fischer: Now.. and that's a fact. About three and a half million dollars, give or take a couple of hundred thousand dollars dollars either way. The last time I talked to her, my account manager, she said it was three and a half million dollars. Plus, plus, of course a lot of it's tied up in stocks and bonds, gold, metal, I've got platinum, the whole bit. But, I've always kept a lot of freestanding cash in, like, the equivalent of a money market. I've got about nine hundred thousand dollars in the money market, available twenty four hours. I've always had that, about nine hundred thousand dollars available twenty four hours. When they ripped off my property in Pasadena, I had about nine hundred thousand dollars ready cash available twenty four hours. I could be paying the storage for a thousand years and not even miss it. This is a ripoff. This is a mega-robbery of what I've spent a lifetime accumulating. They have ripped off every fucking thing in that storage place. This is a giant conspiracy of the Jewish world government.

Pablo Mercado: Uh, hello..Hello Bobby?

Bobby Fischer: Ya

Pablo Mercado: Donít shout into the receiver.. you're coming in.. your sound here is blasting too much, right?

Bobby Fischer: Oh.. sorry..

Pablo Mercado: Its ok, it's ok.

Bobby Fischer: What do you think.. are they gonna understand what I said?

Pablo Mercado: Yes, of course.. yes, but donít shout too much..

Bobby Fischer: Ok.. maybe [...]

Pablo Mercado: And I would appreciate it very much, Bobby, if we can tone down on the expletives please.. we are on the air here..

Bobby Fischer: Ill try.. Ill try Pablo.. you know, if this happened to you, you'd be madder than I am probably..

Pablo Mercado: I understand.. I understand just how you feel...

Bobby Fischer: Everybody said you're too mad.. if the Jews pulled this kind of crap on you or anybody else, they'd be so goddamn mad, they'd go out with a machine gun after every goddam Jew in the street..

Pablo Mercado: Alright.. maybe I can have you react to some of what they said over the Internet about you?

Bobby Fischer: Ya ya, nobody cares about that I've been robbed of something it took me a lifetime to put together.. [...] I spent a fortune just on safes. you know.. alright, tell me.

Pablo Mercado: Alright, first of all, I just heard from Eugene you lost your mother in last year, even your sister. I'd like to say condolence.

Bobby Fischer: Oh yeah, thank you. Thank you, Pablo.

Pablo Mercado: You've never been back to the states yet.

Bobby Fischer: No, no, you know, they've got an arrest warrant out for me.

Pablo Mercado: Is that so?

Bobby Fischer: A federal arrest warrant. since 1992, since December 15, 1992. I've got the federal arrest warrant, I've got it right here.

Pablo Mercado: What for?

Bobby Fischer: December 15, 1992.. I was indicted by a grand jury in Washington DC and uh, and uh, if I'm convicted of these charges, there's a 10-year prison sentence, and they've got an arrest warrant, a federal arrest warrant.. It's valid in every state of the union, Guam, it's valid in Alaska, New York.

Pablo Mercado: What for?

Bobby Fischer: California. The United States, they're gonna grab me, put me in jail, and who the hell knows? maybe I'll quote unquote commit suicide in jail, or because I'm such a difficult character, some prisoner won't like me, and he'll kill me on instructions from the goddamn Jews.

Pablo Mercado: So so.. what for are they going to arrest you?

Bobby Fischer: Huh?

Pablo Mercado: Why are they going to arrest you? Why?

Bobby Fischer: Because, umm, see.. I played a chess match.. a World Championship chess match, with Boris Spassky in Yugoslavia, 1992.

Pablo Mercado: Yes.

Bobby Fischer: But it was in violation, apparently, of an order, an executive order which President Bush had signed, uh, I think in around May of 1992, that forbid Americans to, uh, do business with Yugoslavia, unless, of course, they had permission or an exception from the government, which I didn't get. Everybody got it. CNN gets it, all these Jew controlled outfits get it, and you know, you know how many people were involved in that match, nobody was indicted? Spassky wasn't indicted, he played. The [...] government didn't indict him. And I'll tell you something else about Spassky. He played in that match, nobody indicted him. That guy has been to the U.S. at least a few times since the match. He can go to the U.S. Nobody touches him. He played in the match just like me. The U.S. government doesnít give a damn about arresting him. They only want to arrest me. Eugene was over there. He made a nice pretty penny there. The Philippine government doesn't wanna put him in jail. There were a lot of people involved in that match. Nobody wants to put anybody in jail but me. They wanna put me in jail cause the Jews are behind all this. They're behind everything. They're orchestrating everything, this, uh, indictment, this movie, the forged Batsford edition of My 60 Memorable Games, this fake forged book, called umm uh, I mean CD-Rom called Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess. Now they're behind this mega-robbery of all my stuff at the Pasadena storage house, the robbery and auctioning off of all this stuff. You know, they grabbed this stuff on the cheapest, meanest trick. The most transparent ploy you can imagine. This fuckin Elsworth, deliberately, they used a secret Jew I'm sure...deliberately, behind my back, just stopped paying for six months. I sent him the check. You saw the check, Pablo.

Pablo Mercado: Yes.

Bobby Fischer: It's not even a personal check. It's a bank check. I sent it by registered mail. [....] six month. And they just grabbed my stuff and sold it off. I mean this is too much! You know this is such an outrage, it's ridiculous. The Jews who control the world press, they really think people are stupid, you know?

Pablo Mercado: Yes.

Bobby Fischer: I mean this is all too much. This is the cheapest trick.. I was worried more about my stuff in storage being robbed. I never dreamed the dirty Jews would pull crap like this. You know.. I paid storage there for twelve years. I was their best customer at that Beacons place. I paid em like over ten grand. And then in collusion with Bob Elsworth, the dirty secret Jew, and then this goddamn Beacons. They, they, claim I didn't pay them for six months, four hundred and eighty dollars. Four hundred and eighty.. one scrap of paper in there is worth more than that. You got thousands of pages with my signature all over the place, my writing all over the place. I got a list here, just a tiny partial list of some of the stuff that was in there. When you hear about this, it'll just blow your mind. Just a fuckin safe was worth several thousand dollars, and I'll tell you, I can prove it because I had all my stuff moved once from one storage bin to another there. It was originally a lousy storage bin. I wanted it to be the best room, cause you know, it's valuable stuff. So they moved it from some kind of a lousy bin downstairs, which was like an add-on room, downstairs was all add-on rooms, junky rooms. They moved it upstairs to the real rooms, uh, you listening Pablo?

Pablo Mercado: Yes, I am.

Bobby Fischer: They moved it upstairs to the real room, real rooms which were [...] quality. You know, solid walls and solid door and everything. These are rooms. These are not little cubicles. These are rooms. I had a ton of stuff. These are real rooms, you know?

Pablo Mercado: Uh hmm..

Bobby Fischer: OK, they moved it up, but they're real animals these movers. They're beasts. And I think they were told by the owner there, cause he's a goddamn Jew, to give Fischer a hard time. Anyway, they move my safe up on some kind of a jack, like a hydraulic jack or whatever, but when they got it into the new room, the bastards just dumped it, like, right off the jack, without slowly lowering it down, you know? So he damaged the safe, and the door jammed.

Pablo Mercado: Uh hmm..

Bobby Fischer: OK, so I didn't have use of the safe. I couldn't open and close the safe. You know, I couldn't get in. So then my lawyer negotiated with them, eight months a year. So finally, they get them to pay the damage so I can have somebody repair it, and the damage just to my safe they paid me three thousand dollars. OK?

Pablo Mercado: Alright.

Bobby Fischer: Just the safe alone. And I had another file cabinet with another secret safe and another file cabinet. But just the standalone safe alone, just to repair the damage that they did is three grand. The safe was worth a lot more than three grand. But just to repair the damage... ok. All this is just such an outrageous ripoff.

Pablo Mercado: Bob.

Bobby Fischer: You know. I'm announcing where I got this three and a half million dollars in Switzerland. Cause I don't want these goddamn Jews lying anymore. aww. Fischer lost his stuff cause he's broke. This is all a smoke...

Pablo Mercado: Bob, hold up.

Bobby Fischer: [...] in 1992 in this bank.

Pablo Mercado: OK, Bob? Hello Bob? Can you mention some of those things that you lost already?

Bobby Fischer: OK.. but this is not a complete list.

Pablo Mercado: Alright..

Bobby Fischer: I haven't been in there since '92, you know, cause I can't go back to the states, you know.

Pablo Mercado: So what did you lose so far?

Bobby Fischer: Well, here's just a little list of the things the Jews stole from me in the Beacons Pasadena storage house. I think they may have changed their name to something else. You know, these Jews. Jews love changing names, you know.

Pablo Mercado: Alright.

Bobby Fischer: All the Russian revolutionaries, they're all Jews, but they [...] their names. They love confusing people with name changes, but this is the Beacons storage in Pasadena or whatever those bastards call themselves now. OK, here's some of the stuff they stole.

Pablo Mercado: OK.

Bobby Fischer: They stole a statue, it was a three horses statue that I won in Yugoslavia in 1970 in a tournament there. It was a [...]. That was part of my prize. I got paid cash plus this statue by a very famous author there. This statue is on the money in Yugoslavia back then.

Pablo Mercado: OK.

Bobby Fischer: This is three horses, you'll see it on their money, all Yugoslav money, you know, from back in 1970, before they broke up, you know?

Pablo Mercado: Yes, alright.

Bobby Fischer: This is not the original statue, but it was made by the artist. He made three additional copies of the original, you know what I mean?

Pablo Mercado: Yes, yes.

Bobby Fischer: Made by the artist, this is authorized from the artist. Very very valuable, ok. Ummm.. I got a headset, a statue of my head, that was made in about 1961, a Zograg (sp?) also, a famous young sculptor.

Pablo Mercado: OK.

Bobby Fischer: This is not made from some photo. It was made, I posed for it personally. I was sitting there for some hours, maybe for like one or two days, and he made this statue, I think in, like, bronze or whatever, you know?

Pablo Mercado: Yes.

Bobby Fischer: Heavy, ok. They stole silver dollars. I had a bag of silver dollars. I donít know how many, about fifty, a hundred silver dollars. These are old, like [...] silver dollars. You know?

Pablo Mercado: Yes.

Bobby Fischer: Just a bag of silver dollars is worth more than they claimed I owed, just a goddamn bag of silver dollars. OK, now.. they stole. I have hundreds of chess books.

Pablo Mercado: Uh hmm.

Bobby Fischer: I had all my stuff regarding this Karpov - Kasparov prearranged match. A big big file I'd been working on. They stole hundreds of books on the Jews, hundreds and hundreds of books on general subjects, OK. It's hard to put these books together. I had a great library on goddamn Jews, you know, real good books. Not so easy to get these books.

Pablo Mercado: Uhh hmm.

Bobby Fischer: OK. [...] I had thousands and thousands of Mexican comic books. OK, I love Mexican comic books cause they're real earthy. These are not for kids like American comic books. You know, you've got some real dirty comic books there.. in the Philippines too, on sex, you know what I mean?

Pablo Mercado: Yes, yes.

Bobby Fischer: I've got those too by the way. Eugene says they're hard to get nowadays.

Pablo Mercado: Yes, of course, it's hard to get that.

Bobby Fischer: I love racy, interesting kind of comics, you know what I mean?

Pablo Mercado: Yes [laughing]

Bobby Fischer: [...] from Superman, know what I mean? I had thousands of these comics on everything. These Mexican comics.. they're not like kiddie comics. They cover everything... getting pregnant, abortion, you know, corrupt police, you know the whole.. Anyway, I had the first hundred edition, the first hundred numbers of a famous Mexican comic called ďDenunciaĒ; (sp?). [???]

Pablo Mercado: OK, uh, Bob?

Bobby Fischer: You couldn't.... these damn comics. I was in Mexico six months, I couldn't get em. I was going to all these used comic book stores, looking through all this filthy old garbage trying to find it. Everybody took em though. They were collectors items. Finally, I had this, uh, I met this, uh, very very famous football player... and he had a connection with the editorial up there at Denuncia and I got the first, almost complete set of the first one hundred comics. [....] Just these Denuncia comics they stole were worth a fortune.

Pablo Mercado: Alright, Bobby.

Bobby Fischer: [...] They're gone. They're worth thousands, tens of thousand, more maybe.. just these Denuncia comics alone.

Pablo Mercado: OK

Bobby Fischer: I had Japanese picture posters, beautiful posters from, like, movies back in the 60s. I used to go to this Japanese movie theater down in L.A.

Pablo Mercado: Ya

Bobby Fischer: They closed up.. I was, like, their best customer. This guy gave me about forty, fifty of their beautiful posters. They're worth a damn fortune too.. rare. You know, like, uhh, you know [...] that was the golden era of Japanese movies back there in the 60s.

Eugene Torre: Bobby, Bobby, this is....

Bobby Fischer: [....] beautiful posters, really dramatic colors, you know, ok.

Eugene Torre: Bobby, this is Eugene now.

Bobby Fischer: Hi Eugene.

Eugene Torre: Because we will be soon, in 5 minutes, we'll be off now. So I would just like to say now also...

Bobby Fischer: This is huge.. I mean.. we just started! This is nothing!

Eugene Torre: You have not even mentioned the games, you know, from Buenos Aries.

Bobby Fischer: Ohhhh.. ya. When I played in Argentina, I played Tigran Petrosian a candidates match and beat him to qualify to play Spassky in Iceland the next year, you know. I played down there.. After I played.... I beat Petrosian down there in 1971, I gave an exhibition tour down there, a simul exhibition tour. I donít remember exactly how many I played. I have to check the record, twenty five, thirty simul exhibitions. And before every simultaneous exhibition it was announced that all the players had to give me, uh, their copy of the score. So I had a complete record. They didn't give me the carbon copy, the original copy. I insisted on the original copy. I've got hundreds and hundreds... I don't know, maybe about between six hundred and a thousand, uh, scores. None of these games have ever been published anywhere. And I, only I had the original scores. What the hell are they worth, thousands, millions of dollars. Every goddamn... people are hungry for any goddamn game I ever played, simultaneous or whatever. And these dirty Jews are falsifying my games like mad. So you know. But these were real games, real scores. These were the... I had the originals. I had the original scores.

Eugene Torre: It's a pity because...

Bobby Fischer: This is all stolen too. And I don't have any copies of them at all.

Eugene Torre: It's a pity...

Bobby Fischer: That was stolen.. and, uh, the list goes on and on... uhh, more of my legal files...

Eugene Torre: These games, it's a pity because you could now make now a book. You intended to...

Bobby Fischer: [...] real good book. I'll tell you something else. I don't like to brag, but those were great great simultaneous games. I was in great form. And, uh, they played the openings badly down there, cause you know, they're pretty far from Europe, nowadays of course it doesn't matter. [...] so international... everybody can get, you know, any literature, you know, super fast. But then they didn't get the latest theoretical journals and books on chess. So they didn't know the openings well at all. But if you didn't smash them down in the openings, watch out, cause later on they got stronger and stronger. So.. I knew this. I learned this real fast. So I made a real attempt to make sure I completely got an overwhelming game before they got into the middlegame, so I could, you know, be sure to win. These games were so instructive. But I warn, but I would tell anybody now, if you see any of these games [...], don't believe it. These fucking falsifying... these Jews will falsify these games, they will take out the best games. They will do anything. I mean they are so vile and rotten..

Eugene Torre: Yeah yeah, I what they did.... like what they did with your 60 Memorable Games, I know. Anyway, Bobby....

Bobby Fischer: [....] In books, they're falsifying the scores of my games. I have dozens and dozens and dozens of examples I can give you.

Eugene Torre: OK, we can talk more about that in the future. But last thing, we have forgotten to mention the address of Mr. Bob Elsworth, you know?

Bobby Fischer: Yeah yeah, read that. [...] another thing they stole from me in there. They stole the deeds to my property in Florida. They stole my patent that I got, which I got for my new chess timing system.

Eugene Torre: OK, Bobby. Can you just... Can you just confirm this? We have a copy of the address of Bob Elsworth here. It says One Eleven South Orange Grove Boulevard, Apartment 300, Pasadena, California.

Bobby Fischer: Ya. That's right. Thanks for reading the son of a bitch's address. Some Filipino who loves me should say hello to that mother fucker.

Eugene Torre: The address is CA 91105, USA right.

Bobby Fischer: Bob Elsworth is worthy of death for this shit he pulled on me, in cahoots with Beacons Pasadena storage house. This was all orchestrated by the Jewish world governments.

Eugene Torre: OK Bobby, I'm sorry to say, but your thirty minutes already with the program and the newscast is about to come in right now.

Bobby Fischer: Uhh, I thought it was, like, 5 minutes.

Eugene Torre: No, it's thirty minutes already. And, ummm, we'll talk with you again one time, alright? We'll call you up again.

Bobby Fischer: Sure. Sure.. I want to thank you, you know. This is, uhh, free speech. These Jews, they wanna do the most rotten things, but they don't want their enemies to have an opportunity to answer back.

Eugene Torre: Well, this is your opportunity and we've given you two chances already. We'll call you.

Bobby Fischer: Thank you, Pablo.

Eugene Torre: We'll call you again, alright?

Bobby Fischer: [...] love you very very much. I appreciate this very very much, and uhh, I'm trying to say hello to Rolando. How are you, Rolando?

Eugene Torre: Uh, Rolando, here.

Rolando Nolte: Hello, Bobby.

Bobby Fischer: Rolando.

Rolando Nolte: Yes, we have lack of time now.

Bobby Fischer: Ya, how you doing? How's your boy? How's your boy?

Rolando Nolte: It's ok.. it's ok...

Bobby Fischer: Oh, good.. ya. OK, well, we will, uh, you know... I can just be talking for hours about all the crimes the Jews... [....] and it kills them that I played for the highest prize fund in the history of chess in Yugoslavia.. and I played great great chess, and I was then blacklisted for twenty years. Nobody could do what I did after twenty years, coming back and playing top [...] chess. Nobody could do what I did not even playing for three years. [.....]

Eugene Torre: OK, Bobby. No more time. In the Internet, they were mentioning only, hello?

Bobby Fischer: Ya, ya.

Eugene Torre: They were mentioning only, they were focusing only on your vulgarity, or, you know, on your words. They were not focusing on the auction or what they did to you.

Bobby Fischer: [....] tens or hundred of millions of dollars, using a few four letter words.

Eugene Torre: OK, next time we'll focus on that, on what they did to you.

Bobby Fischer: Jews can all go to heck. I want to tell you Jews out there that this is just the beginning. This is just the beginning. I'm not afraid of you. You can all drop dead.

Pablo Mercado: Alright, Bobby. Thank you very much.

Bobby Fischer: You're welcome Pablo, bye.

[The interview continues for about another minute and a half with Pablo Mercado speaking briefly with Eugene Torre and then Rolando Nolte]

NOTE: The subject of these interviews is a website which offered ďWORLD WIDE MEMORABILIA COLLECTION FROM INTERNATIONAL CHESS CHAMPION BOBBY FISHER INCL Handwritten Move-by-Move Game Diaries, Personal Business Ad Media Correspondence, International Tournament Posters, Many Photographs, Scrapbooks, Bronze Bust of Bobby Fisher, Autograph Books from Richard Nixon, Original Watercolor & Autograph from American Artist James Boren, etc., etc., etc...Ē

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