Which are better: Prostitutes in the Philippines or Prostitutes in Thailand?

Having nothing better to do, I just thought I would start a flame war on this subject.

To get the debate going, I will express my opinion: Objectively, prostitutes in Thailand are better. They are younger, more beautiful, and give better sex.

However, they will never fall in love with you, will never go anywhere with you unless you pay them, and you can never take them home to your country. They are tied to their families, who will not allow you to take them out of the country.

Prostitutes in the Philippines, on the other hand, are hoping to get out of their trade and dream of eventually going to America some day. They will even give you free sex to try to accomplish this goal. So, all things considered, prostitutes in the Philippines are better.

Express your opinion! Inquiring minds need to know!
Thai and Filipino Prostitutes waiting for customers in Macao

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