My Friend, the Unabomber

I am asked this question all the time, so I might as well address it:

Yes. I did attend the University of California at Berkeley at the same time that the Unabomber was there.
Theodore Kaczynski

Yes. We were both in the Math Department at the same time in Campbell Hall together.

No. I do not remember him and I do not know if I ever knew him or not. His face does seem slightly familiar, but we may just have passed each other on campus.

He was a "Johnny-come-lately". I left Berkeley not long after he arrived. Theodore Kaczynski first arrived on the Berkeley campus in September, 1967. I had been there since September, 1962 but left on December 24, 1967 and did not even enter the State of California again until February, 1981, 14 years later. (They say that I was run out of town in Berkeley.)

While on this subject, I must say that the ideas expressed by the Unabomber in his Manifesto were well known in Berkeley at that time. I believe that he may have a valid point when he says that he is not mentally ill. He has simply been in a time warp (like so many people I know) and does not realize that his anti-technology ideas are now passť.

I can quote one of the Christmas Carols from the UC Berkeley Student Revolution in the Fall of 1964 (Sung to the tune of "Jungle Bells"):

Oskie Dolls, Pom Pom Girls
UC All the Way
Oh What Fun it is to have your mind reduced to clay.
Civil Rights, Politics Just get in the way.
Questioning authority, When you should obey!

Sam Sloan

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