Sex in the 90s: The Safest Sex of All

CHRISTINE O'DONNELL, President, The S.A.L.T.: My name is Christine O'Donnell. I am the President and Founder of The S.A.L.T. The S.A.L.T. stands for "The Savior's Alliance For Lifting The Truth." We choose sexual purity in our lives. We have God-given sexual desires and we need to understand them and preserve them to be used in God's appropriate context. Our members are committed to be role models, committed to be the salt of the earth. (At condo) Let's Christine O'Donnell figure out where everyone's gonna go. We have a condo, a gorgeous condo that God graced us with at a very reasonable price. This one is all the girls. We got two condos, one for the guys and one for the girls, and the reason that we did that is if we intend to be role models, we have to avoid all appearance of any wrongdoing. Two teenagers and a priest are gonna go here. Gloria doesn't think it's a good idea but... We need to address sexuality with young people and masturbation is part of sexuality but it is important to discuss this from a moral point of view.

CHRISTINE GEDGAUDAS, Marketing Director, The S.A.L.T.: Masturbation is a selfish act and it's a lustful one and we are to walk with pure hearts not adulterous, lusting hearts.

TODD HITCHCOCK, Youth Pastor: The Bible is clear in the fact that it says that any sexual act outside of the realm of marriage is wrong.

JUNICHI SEMITSU: My name is Junichi Semitsu and tonight we're gonna be putting on a program called "Coming To Terms With Masturbation." When we first start the program, it seems that most people are expecting a freak show. We wanted to do a program that made people think about their own value system.

SPEAKER AT PROGRAM: Junichi Semitsu When, where, and how do people learn to feel guilty about masturbation?

PROGRAM ATTENDEE: Religion, Catholic high school.

SEMITSU: One of the things that we particularly enjoy doing is discussing the Victorian techniques to cure masturbation.

SPEAKER AT PROGRAM: It was better to cut off a boy's genitals entirely then to let him go insane or die from masturbating too frequently. Some parents had their sons' foreskins fastened shut with rings, clamps, or staples to prevent erections and masturbation.

SEMITSU: For a lot of the audience, it's a really shocking thing to hear and that's a very fun thing for us to present because people are amazed with the extent to which people believed that masturbation was a sinful thing.

O'DONNELL: The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can't masturbate without lust.

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