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The most important new chess resource now available is the new chesslab online search of two million chess games. The address is:

The list of Top players for both FIDE and the World Chess Council are now out.

Here are chess sites on the web: For the quickest and easiest way to get a FIDE rating and become an international chess master, visit beautiful Budapest, the home of that famous fugitive chess player, Booby the Fish, and play in the First Saturday tournaments. Here's how: The First Saturday of the Month International Chess Tournaments

There are numerous web sites covering the Chess Olympiad. The best, quickest and most complete results are available from Iceland! However, only a few games are available, because FIDE wants to sell the games! Here are links:

Internet Chess Club - where the Kasparov error in Game 2 was discovered
The London Chess Center - chess academy and comprehensive analysis
The U.S Chess Federation
Chess Space - a comprehensive index of chess Web sites
FIDE laws of chess
Chess online game sites
Chess Mentor - online chess tutorial
iChess - free interactive chess server
  • ICCF (International Correspondence Chess Federation)
  • iChess
  • The Zone
  • InterVoz-play chess with Guillermo Soppe
  • WWWChess 1.0 - Interactive Web Demo
  • Play chess against tkChess
  • GNU WebChess
  • Outland Chess
  • The PlaySite
  • GMT Java Chess Player
  • Chess on the NET.
  • SportSite GameMaster
    Chess information/magazine sites
    Chess Monthly - British chess publication est. in 1935 editor: Malcolm Pein, IM
    Inside Chess Online and other chess-related information
    World Chess Champions Web site - source for various chess information and software
    Chesscafe - chess trivia site
    ChessPlanet - chess news and tournaments
    Planet Chess - monthly online chess magazine
    Chess Life Online - from the U.S. Chess Federation

    Here are some media commentaries on the Kasparov - Deep Blue chess match:

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