Sam Sloan's Big Combined Family Trees

Henry LEWIS.Henry married Elizabeth RANDOLPH.

Elizabeth RANDOLPH [Parents].Elizabeth married Henry LEWIS.

She supposes that she was born about 1793-1794. Of her ten children, only two are living--Julia, her first born, and wife of Charles Barnett, who live on an adjoining farm, and Elizabeth, wife of Henry Lewis, who resides within one mile of us.

From the Memoirs of Israel Jefferson

Cristopher NICHOLSON was christened on 30 Nov 1602 in Hawkshead Hall, Lancashire. He died on 29 Sep 1670 in Newcastle. He married Jane BUTLER.

Jane BUTLER was christened on 8 Oct 1611 in St.Nicholas, Newcastle. She married Cristopher NICHOLSON.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth NICHOLSON died about 1721.

Edward JOICEY-CECIL was born on 14 Jan 1912. He died in 1985. He married Rosemary Lucia BOWES-LYON on 28 Apr 1945.

Rosemary Lucia BOWES-LYON [Parents] was born on 18 Dec 1915. She died in 1989. She married Edward JOICEY-CECIL on 28 Apr 1945.

James HEPBURN Earl of Bothwell.James married Mary Queen Of SCOTS on 15 May 1567.

Mary Queen Of SCOTS [Parents] was born on 8 Dec 1542 in Linlithgow, Linlithgow, West-Lothian, Scotland. She was christened on 9 Sep 1543. She died on 8 Feb 1587 in Fotheringham Cas, Northamptonshire, England, England. She was buried in 1587 in Westminster Abbey, Westminister, Middlesex, England. She married James HEPBURN Earl of Bothwell on 15 May 1567.

Other marriages:
VALOIS, Francis Fran├žois II, King Of France
HEPBURN, James Earl of Bothwell

The change between Stewart and Stuart took place when Mary, Queen of Scots married the Dauphin, later Francois II of France. The French spelled her surname "Stuart", and when she returned, a widow, to Scotland, after 13 years in France, she kept the spelling, which her various half-siblings and cousins gradually adopted. She married one of the cousins, so her son was also a Stuart.

Jean Coeur de Lapin

Nicholas BOSTOCK [Parents].Nicholas married Catherine MOBBERLY.

Catherine MOBBERLY.Catherine married Nicholas BOSTOCK.

They had the following children:

  M i Hugh BOSTOCK.

Stith BOLLING [Parents] was born on 28 Mar 1686/1687 in Cobbs, Virginia. He died in 1716. He married Elizabeth HARTWELL. He had other parents.

Other marriages:
HARTWELL, Elizabeth

Elizabeth HARTWELL.Elizabeth married Stith BOLLING.

Edward BOLLING [Parents] was born on 3 Oct 1687/1688 in Kippax, Va. He married SLAUGHTER. He had other parents.

Other marriages:

SLAUGHTER. married Edward BOLLING.

Edward BRODNAX was born about 1749 in Charles City Co., Va.. He married Mary BROWN.

Mary BROWN.Mary married Edward BRODNAX.

They had the following children:

  F i Anne BRODNAX was born about 1735. She died after 1779.

John Prescott BUSH [Parents] was born on 23 Dec 1787 in Edgefield Co., South Carolina. He died on 11 Aug 1849 in Dale Co., Al. He married Mary Frances JOHNSON on 27 Oct 1814.

Other marriages:
JOHNSON, Mary Frances

Mary Frances JOHNSON was born on 9 Aug 1801. She died in Jan 1867. She married John Prescott BUSH on 27 Oct 1814.

They had the following children:

  M i William Prescott BUSH was born on 12 Jan 1824. He died on 1 Jun 1900.

George LILBURN was born in 1585 in Sunderland-by-the-Sea, Durham. He died after 1681. He married Eleanor HICKS on 13 Apr 1629.

Eleanor HICKS died on 20 Oct 1677. She was buried on 23 Oct 1677. She married George LILBURN on 13 Apr 1629.

They had the following children:

  M i William LILBURN was born in 1636. He died on 17 Jan 1682.

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