Sam Sloan's Big Combined Family Trees

Bingham "Booch" MORRIS.Bingham married Janet Norton LEE on 25 Oct 1979.

Janet Norton LEE [Parents] was born on 3 Dec 1907. She died on 22 Jul 1989 in Newport, Rhode Island. She married Bingham "Booch" MORRIS on 25 Oct 1979. She had other parents.

Other marriages:
AUCHINCLOSS, Hugh Dudley Jr.
BOUVIER, John "Black Jack" III
MORRIS, Bingham "Booch"

James Thomas LEE [Parents] was born on 2 Oct 1877 in New York City, NY. He died on 3 Jan 1968 in New York City, NY. He married Margaret A. MERRITT.

Margaret A. MERRITT [Parents].Margaret married James Thomas LEE.

They had the following children:

  F i Janet Norton LEE was born on 3 Dec 1907. She died on 22 Jul 1989.

President John F. KENNEDY [Parents] [scrapbook] was born on 29 May 1917 in Brookline, Norfolk, Ma. He died on 22 Nov 1963 in Dallas, Texas. He was buried on 27 Nov 1963 in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington, Virginia. He married Judith Katherine IMMOOR Mistress mistress - not married.

Other marriages:
BOUVIER, Jacqueline Lee
IMMOOR, Judith Katherine Mistress

Judith Katherine IMMOOR Mistress [Parents] [scrapbook] 1, 2 was born on 11 Jan 1934 in New York City, New York. She died on 25 Sep 1999 in City of Hope Cancer Center, Duarte, California. She married President John F. KENNEDY mistress - not married.

Other marriages:

Maurice TEMPELSMAN was born on 26 Aug 1929 in Belgium. He was not married to Jacqueline Lee BOUVIER.

Wealthy diamond merchant who is a big contributor to the Democratic Party and who lived with Jacky Kennedy longer than either John F. Kennedy or Aristotle Onasis did.

Jacqueline Lee BOUVIER [Parents] was born on 28 Jul 1929 in Southampton, Long Island, New York. She died on 19 May 1994 in New York, New York, New York. She was buried on 23 May 1994 in National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia. She was not married to Maurice TEMPELSMAN.

Other marriages:
ONASSIS, Aristotle Socrates
ONASSIS, Aristotle Socrates

Died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.

John Fitzgerald KENNEDY Jr. [Parents] [scrapbook] was born on 25 Nov 1960 in Washington D.C.. He died on 16 Jul 1999 in Atlantic Ocean. He married Carolyn BESSETTE on 21 Sep 1996 in Cumberland Island, Georgia.

Other marriages:

Carolyn BESSETTE [Parents] was born on 7 Jul 1966 in White Plains, Westchester, New York twin. She died on 16 Jul 1999 in Atlantic Ocean. She married John Fitzgerald KENNEDY Jr. on 21 Sep 1996 in Cumberland Island, Georgia.

Senator Edward Moore "Teddy" KENNEDY [Parents] [scrapbook] was born on 22 Feb 1932 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. He was not married to Mary Jo KOPECHNE concubine at cocubine.

Other marriages:
REGGIE, Victoria
KOPECHNE, Mary Jo concubine
REGGIE, Victoria

Mary Jo KOPECHNE concubine [Parents] [scrapbook] was born on 26 Jul 1940 in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania. She died on 19 Jul 1969 in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts. She was buried in Saint Vincents Cemetery, Larksville, Pennsylvania. She was not married to Senator Edward Moore "Teddy" KENNEDY at cocubine.

No Social Security Number exists for anybody under this name.

Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick - 1969

On the evening of July 19, 1969, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts drove his Oldsmobile off a wooden bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, drowning his passenger, a young campaign worker named Mary Jo Kopechne. The senator left the scene of the accident, did not report it to the police for many hours, and according to some accounts considered concocting an alibi for himself in the interim.

At the time, Kennedy managed to escape severe legal and political consequences for his actions thanks to his family's connections (which helped to contain the inquest and grand jury) and to a nationally televised "Checkers"-like speech broadcast a week after the accident. But virtually no journalist who has closely examined the evidence fully believes Kennedy's story, and almost 30 years later, the tragedy still trails the senator, with aggressive press investigations revived in five-year anniversary intervals.

Probably more than any other single factor, Chappaquiddick - a frenzy without end - has ensured that Ted Kennedy would not follow his brother John to the White House.

Mary Jo Kopechne (July 26, 1940–July 18, 1969), born in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, was the only child of insurance salesman, Joseph Kopechne and his wife Gwen. Upon graduation from Caldwell College for women, Kopechne moved to Washington D.C. initially to work as secretary to U.S. Senator George Smathers and subsequently as secretary to Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Kopechne died when a car driven by Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy went off a bridge and overturned into a pond.

James HICKEY.James married Margaret M. FIELD.

Margaret M. FIELD.Margaret married James HICKEY.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Augusta HICKEY was born on 6 Dec 1857. She died on 20 May 1923.

James KENNEDY.James married Maria.

Maria.Maria married James KENNEDY.

They had the following children:

  M i Patrick KENNEDY was born about 1823. He died on 22 Nov 1858.

Philip MURPHY.Philip married Mary Barron.

Mary Barron.Mary married Philip MURPHY.

They had the following children:

  F i Bridget MURPHY was born about 1821. She died on 20 Dec 1888.

Constantine II OF GREECE KIng of Greece [Parents] was born on 2 Jun 1940 in Psychiko (near Athens), Greece. He married Queen Anne-Marie OF GREECE on 18 Sep 1964 in Athens, Greece.

At an election 69% of the people voted against reinstating the king, and the monarchy was banned. Ex-king Constantine still lives in exile in London.

Queen Anne-Marie OF GREECE [Parents] was born on 30 Aug 1946 in Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark. She married Constantine II OF GREECE KIng of Greece on 18 Sep 1964 in Athens, Greece.

They had the following children:

  M i Crown Prince Pavlos OF GREECE was born on 20 May 1967 in Tatoi (near Athens), Greece.
  M ii Nikolaos OF GREECE was born in 1969.
  F iii Theodora OF GREECE was born on 9 Jun 1983 in St.Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London, Great Britain.

Rated as one of the World's Most Beautiful Princesses by Netty's Royalty Page at

Education and work: Hellenic College of London; Woldringham School, London, Great Britain (1994-2001) - A-levels; University, USA (2002-)
  F iv Alexia OF GREECE was born in 1985.
  M v Philippos OF GREECE was born in 1986.

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