Hikaru Nakamura wins National Elementary Championship

Hikaru Nakamura has won the National Elementary Championship by winning all of his games with a 7-0 score. The event was held in Dallas May 12-14.

See http://www.64.com/chess/00-ELEM/

However, this is not a big surprise. Hikaru Nakamura entered the tournament with a rating of 2313 and the second highest rated player in the tournament was only rated 1830.
Hikaru Nakamura faces Grandmaster Epishin on Board One of New York Open
Hikaru Nakamura faces Grandmaster Epishin on Board One of New York Open

I am reporting this result primarily as a follow-up to my report on the New York Open because Hikaru Nakamura, who started the New York Open with a draw against Epishin, one of the top players in the world, had to drop out and did not play his last round game because he had to fly to Dallas for the National Elementary Championship.

Epishin is rated number 32 in the world on the new FIDE rating list.


I guess the organizers of the two events did not realize that there would be a conflict between the New York Open and the National Elementary Championship.

At the New York Open, the mother of Hikaru Nakamura told me that she does not bother to read the chess politics stuff.

For this reason, she could not have known that the National Elementary Championship has been embroiled in the biggest political dispute in all of chess for the past two years.

Sam Sloan

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